Data Science

Data Science

Data scientists find and interpret rich data sources and are skilled in mathematics, statistics and computer science. Students electing this option will take courses and do research in mathematics, computer science, and information systems. Working with large data sets, they will build mathematical models, use advanced statistical methods and implement machine learning algorithms to classify and predict.   

A data science major will:

  • design and implement software to access and analyze large data sets
  • using advanced statistical methods and learning algorithms, and
  • complete a research project, including dissemination of the project’s findings.


Program Highlights

In addition to the foundation requirements, students must take

MA230. Regression Analysis and Time Series

MA314. Mathematical Statistics

MA340. Calculus III

MA499. Senior Seminar

IS221. Programming Fundamentals

IS240. Foundations of Information Systems

IS321. System Analysis & Design

IS370. Database Application Development

IS470. Business Intelligence and Big Data

CS135. Introduction to Computer Science

CS235. Introduction to Data Science

CS308. Theory of Computation

CS337. Algorithms and Data Structures

CS342. Artificial Intelligence

One course selected from AT110. Introduction to Digital Media, BU230/CO230. Business Conversations, BU250/EN210. Business and Professional Writing

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