Intellectual Challenges that Lead to Worldview Changes

If you want to develop a broad range of skills that prepare you for a wide variety of intellectual challenges, you should seriously consider becoming a philosophy major. The philosophy major is designed to meet the needs of four classes of students:

  1. those who have no professional interest in philosophy but who wish to approach a liberal education through the discipline of philosophy;
  2. those who want a composite or interdepartmental major in philosophy and the natural sciences, behavioral sciences, humanities, or creative arts;
  3. those who want an intensive study of philosophy preparatory to graduate study in some other field, such as law, theology, medicine, or education; and
  4. those who are professionally interested in philosophy and who plan to do graduate work in the field and then to teach or write.

Students with a professional interest in philosophy are urged to give early attention to courses in the history of philosophy sequence, metaphysics and epistemology, logic, and ethics.

Careers in Philosophy


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