Social Science Education

Social Science Education


Program Highlights

What Kind of Teacher Do You Want to Be?

Do you want to be the teacher who stands in front of the class reciting dry material to bored students, or would you rather:

  • • Use the game Civilization to teach the ancient world?
  • • Guide students in lively debates about historical topics?
  • • Help students create documentaries about the past?
  • • Use Axis and Allies to teach World War II?
  • • Have students re-create Lexington and Concord outdoors?
  • • Guide students in Harkness method discussions of important issues?
  • • Create lessons in which students analyze historical song lyrics?
  • • Help your students use online primary sources, acting as historical detectives?

At Millikin, you prepare to become an outstanding teacher by taking engaging courses in U.S. and world history, political science, psychology, anthropology, and sociology. You'll also gain practical experience designing classes, creating lesson plans, and teaching in area schools starting your freshman year. When you graduate, you'll already be a knowledgeable, experienced, and confident teacher!

Social Science Education majors complete a liberal arts history major of at least 33 credits. Nine of these 33 history credits are in world history, nine are in American history, three credits are in a history seminar (400-level), three credits are in Historiography (480), and at least twelve credits are upper division (300+) history electives. Social Science Education majors are advised by the history department faculty.


The History and Political Science Department guides students in earning endorsements in political science, psychology, or sociology. These endorsements prepare Millikin's secondary teaching graduates to meet new Illinois state high school graduation requirements for additional civic and government education, and make them more marketable when looking for their first teaching position.

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