Sociology Minor

Ken Laundra and Jorge Chavez

Minor in Sociology (21 credits)

A minor in sociology provides the student with an interdisciplinary curriculum for several majors at Millikin and is intended to compliment a student's academic profile. The sociology minor is particularly well-suited for majors in criminal justice, psychology, human services, communication, political science, history and organizational leadership, as several courses in each other these disciplines are cross-listed in sociology, so that students are exposed to a variety of disciplines while studying in sociology.

A minor must complete the following core courses:

  • SO100 Introduction to Sociology or SO 200 Social Solutions
  • SO351 Sociological Theory
  • SO320 Social Stratification

And TWO of the following courses:

  • SO313 Multiculturalism & Diversity
  • SO326 Economy & Society
  • SO330 Sociology of Gender

*or related (upper-level) courses as approved by the Program Director or Dept. Chair

In addition, the student must complete any 2 additional courses in Sociology or the following courses from other departments: HM 215 (Human Behavior & the Social Environment)(*pre-req:SO100 or PS130), HM320 (Poverty)(*pre-req: HM214 or consent of instructor), PS305 (Social Psychology)(*pre-req: PS130), PS360 (Psychology of Stereotyping & Prejudice)(*pre-req: PS130), CO332 (Gender Communication), or other course approved by the Program Director.

Teaching Sociology in Secondary Schools

Students interested in teaching sociology in high schools should see the program in social sciences described in the History & Political Science department section of the bulletin.