Sociology Major

Sociology Major


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A major in sociology provides the student with an understanding of the social causes of human behavior, as well as a familiarity with the basic processes of social life, emphasizing effects of social stratification and social global issues. Toward this end, course work focuses on theoretical, analytical and practical approaches (performance learning) to the study of human behavior. Students may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. The sociology curriculum serves students who wish to 1) pursue social service as a career; 2) graduate study in sociology; 3)develop skills for careers in social service agencies such as law and law enforcement, counseling, administration, management, teaching, diversity training, and social, political or market research and; 4) complement academic specialization in other fields(such as criminal justice, law, politics, communication, and nursing) with the group-level perspective on social behavior which is increasingly being demanded of professionals in these fields. The sociology major pairs well with minors in criminal justice, psychology, humans services, communication, political science, history, and organizational leadership, as several of the courses in each other these disciplines are cross-listed in sociology, so that students are exposed to a variety of disciplines while studying in sociology. Sociology majors will engage in performance learning activities in several courses designed to foster an experiential, hands-on understanding of human behavior and social organization in action.

Students anticipating graduate study in sociology and social research are encouraged to elect additional course work in criminal justice, psychology, history, political science, philosophy and communication.

  • Required Courses
    • SO100. Introduction to Sociology
    • SO200. Social Solutions
  • Basic Skills
    • SO201/PS201. Statistical Methods in the Behavioral Sciences
    • SO221. Methods of Social Research
    • SO351. Sociological Theory
  • Fundamentals
    • SO320. Social Stratification. And ONE of the following:
    • SO330. Sociology of Gender;
    • SO313, Multiculturalism and Diversity; OR
    • SO326, Economy and Society
  • Capstone Course
    • SO450. Sociological Analysis

Students must choose four additional courses from Sociology or the following approved coures from Human Sevices, Psychology, and Communication: HM316, HM317, HM318, HM321, PS360, CO225, CO332 or other courses approved by the department chair.                                                                    

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