Program Highlights

If you’re thinking about law school, you should be thinking about getting started at Millikin. Pre-Law at Millikin is not a major, but an advising program that prepares you for law school through several specific strategies:

  • Develop career and life skills that are vital to a career in the legal field
  • Cultivate relationships with first-class faculty and professional mentors
  • Learn through hands-on experiences, such as Millikin’s Moot Court or by interning in a local law firm, law enforcement agency, police crime lab, public defender’s office or state’s attorney’s office

Developing skills for law school

The most frequently asked question of the Pre-Law program is usually, What should I major in to get into law school? Our answer is always the same, Choose a major that will help you develop the crucial skills essential to success in law school and work in the legal profession, as explained below, and ideally in an area of study that you are interested in and passionate about.

Successful preparation for law school does not require a specific undergraduate major or a specific undergraduate course of study. It does, however, require the development of specific skill sets. These include:

  • analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • critical reading and writing skills
  • logical and ethical reasoning
  • oral communication and listening abilities
  • general research skills

Seek out the courses you know will challenge you to build and hone these kinds of skills.


If you’re seriously considering law school, you need to get serious about preparing now. At Millikin, you won’t have to prepare alone. Millikin professors are committed to helping you every step of the way. Millikin's  Director of Pre-Law is Dr. Robert Money.

Work with a qualified expert to design a personalized course of study that serves your current interests and career goals. Get his or her advice on which courses will help you strengthen your skills. Having established working relationships with your professors and your faculty advisor, you’ll find you not only are academically prepared for law school, but you also have people in your corner when it comes time for applying and recommendations. Millikin faculty members are willing to advocate on your behalf.

LSAT preparation

The LSAT is an important component of entrance into most law schools. At Millikin, you will receive help preparing for it. Students planning to take the LSAT should enroll in the academic course PH113 Logic and Critical Thinking that targets the development of logical reasoning, a key skill the LSAT seeks to measure. Additionally, students can access numerous study guide materials and resources to help them prepare for the exam from the Pre-Law Director. These resources include practice tests – actual LSATs that have been given in previous years. Students can meet with the Pre-Law Director to discuss their preparation strategies and tactics and receive additional guidance to ensure they are adequately prepared for the exam.