Mathematics and Computational Sciences at Millikin

The Department of Mathematics and Computational Sciences includes the disciplines of mathematics, actuarial science, data science, mathematics education, and computer science. The department offers a major in mathematics and minors in mathematics and actuarial science.  Students who major in mathematics may choose a concentration in actuarial science, data science, or secondary mathematics education.  The department also offers a major and a minor in computer science.

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The curriculum is structured to meet the overlapping needs of students who fall in one or more of the following categories:

  • those who intend to pursue graduate work in mathematics and related fields;
  • those who will apply mathematics in the natural sciences, social sciences, business or other areas;
  • those who plan to become actuaries;
  • those who plan to become data scientists; 
  • those who plan to become high school mathematics teachers; and
  • those who plan to become computer scientists.

The Department of Mathematics supports Millikin’s Mission in that the Department works to prepare students for:

  • Professional success by providing all of our majors with core mathematical experiences and a range of application areas, and through the various emphases, readying them to enter the work force or pursue graduate study.
  • Democratic citizenship in a diverse and dynamic global environment by providing fundamental tools to analyze dynamic events that will inform public policy.
  • A personal life of meaning and value by helping our students develop the intellectual framework through thinking rigorously and rationally, and instilling in them the mindset that will enable them to remain life-long learners.


The mission of the department is to produce graduates, regardless of emphasis, who are able to:

  • Integrate and differentiate functions,
  • Express and interpret mathematical relationships from numerical, graphical, and symbolic points of view,
  • read and construct mathematical proofs,
  • analyze various discrete and continuous probability models,
  • apply mathematics to other disciplines, and
  • present mathematical results and arguments orally and in writing.

In addition to the above core learning goals, mathematics graduates will achieve the following emphasis-specific goals.


A mathematics major will:

  • read and construct mathematical proofs in two advanced subject areas,
  • apply appropriate mathematical techniques to solve problems within mathematics and in extra-disciplinary contexts, and
  • complete a research project, including dissemination of the project’s findings.

Actuarial Science

An actuarial science major will:

  • prepare for three Society of Actuaries’ exams,
  • satisfy the Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) requirements of the Society of Actuaries, and
  • complete a research project, including dissemination of the project’s findings.

Data Science

A data science major will:

  • design and implement software to access and analyze large data sets
  • using advanced statistical methods and learning algorithms, and
  • complete a research project, including dissemination of the project’s findings.

Mathematics Education

A mathematics education major will:

  • prepare for the Illinois Licensure Exam in mathematics,
  • apply appropriate pedagogical techniques to teach mathematics through exploration and problem solving consistent with best practices in the field, and
  • compile a portfolio of materials demonstrating the following in the field of mathematics: content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, an ability to plan instruction, and analyze and document one's impact on student learning.


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