Mathematics Education

Mathematics Education

Students interested in teacher certification should elect this option. A mathematics education major will:

  • prepare for the Illinois Licensure Exam in mathematics,
  • apply appropriate pedagogical techniques to teach mathematics through exploration and problem solving consistent with best practices in the field, and
  • compile a portfolio of materials demonstrating the following in the field of mathematics: content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, an ability to plan instruction, and analyze and document one's impact on student learning.


Program Highlights

The secondary mathematics education program is an Illinois State Board of Education Approved Program for the Preparation of Educational Personnel in Illinois Institutions of Higher Education. 

In addition to the foundation requirements, students must take

  • MA301 - College Geometry
  • MA320 - History of Mathematics
  • MA403 - Abstract Algebra
  • MA425 -Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Grades 6 through 12
  • MA471 - Internship in Methods of Teaching Mathematics
  • Two courses selected from:
    • MA305 - Differential Equations
    • MA313 - Numerical Analysis
    • MA314 - Mathematical Statistics
    • MA340 - Calculus III
    • MA420 - Mathematical Logic
    • MA440 - Advanced Calculus
    • MA491,492,493,494 - Independent Study

Teacher certification in the State of Illinois mandates students earn a C or better in all required mathematics and education courses. Teacher certification also requires specific coursework in education and other areas. See the School of Education section for details. Students should consider preparation in a second teaching field to increase the breadth of their knowledge and the probability of finding a teaching position upon graduation.

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