Program Overview

Engineering Science is an interdisciplinary major designed to provide students with a diverse set of skills and the knowledge to apply those skills to engineering principles to areas such as computing, finance, manufacturing, politics and more.

Upon completion of the engineering science major’s core courses, students have two options to earn a degree: 

  1. Students wishing to remain at Millikin for four years to complete their undergraduate degree may choose to complete an additional 16 hours of coursework at the 300-level, along with any additional graduation requirements.

  2. Students may complete a dual-degree program with one of our partnership institutions. Students typically will complete three years of coursework at Millikin and two years at the partner school. 

Millikin University maintains dual-degree programs with the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) and Washington University in St. Louis. These programs allow students to earn two degrees in five years.

Engineering Science Core Courses

(52-53 credits)

  • BI105 Ecology and Evolution – BI155 Ecology and Evolution Lab
  • BI200 Genetics
  • CH121 General Chemistry I – CH151 General Chemistry Lab I
  • CH122 General Chemistry II – CH152 General Chemistry Lab II
  • CS135 Introduction to Computer Science
  • CS235 Introduction to Data Science
  • MA140 Calculus I
  • MA240 Calculus II
  • MA305 Differential Equations
  • MA340 Calculus III
  • PY151 University Physics I – PY171 Physics Lab I
  • PY 152 University Physics II – PY172 Physics Lab II
  • PY 162 Experimental Physics I – Electronics


Choose one of the following:

  • BI240 Analysis of Biological Data
  • CH232/253 Analytical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  • MA230 Regression Analysis and Time Series


Upon completion of these courses, students will select one of the following options:

Option One

Select at least 16 additional hours from this list:

  • BI301 Comparative Anatomy
  • BI407 Molecular Genetics
  • CH301 Organic Chemistry I
  • CH302 Organic Chemistry II
  • CH303 Physical Chemistry I
  • CH304 Physical Chemistry II
  • CH353 Physical Chemistry Lab I
  • CH 354 Physical Chemistry Lab II
  • CS300 Advanced Discrete Mathematics
  • CS308 Theory of Computing
  • CS337 Algorithms and Data Structures
  • CS342 Artificial Intelligence
  • MA303 Linear Algebra
  • MA304 Probability
  • PY352 Classical Mechanics
  • PY362 Experimental Physics II
  • PY403 Electrodynamics I
  • PY404 Electrodynamics II

With approval from the Engineering Science coordinator, another 300-level course in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics or physics may be substituted for one or more of the above options.

Option Two

Coursework may be completed at a dual-degree partnership school and transfer back to Millikin at least 16 credit hours of 300-level coursework approved by the Natural Science and Mathematics division and any additional credit hours necessary to satisfy Millikin’s degree requirements.


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