Program Highlights

The secondary mathematics education program is an Illinois State Board of Education Approved Program for the Preparation of Educational Personnel in Illinois Institutions of Higher Education. Students interested in teacher certification should elect this option.

In addition to the foundation requirements, students must take

  • MA301 - College Geometry
  • MA320 - History of Mathematics
  • MA403 - Abstract Algebra
  • MA425 -Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Grades 6 through 12
  • MA471 - Internship in Methods of Teaching Mathematics
  • Two courses selected from:
    • MA305 - Differential Equations
    • MA313 - Numerical Analysis
    • MA314 - Mathematical Statistics
    • MA340 - Calculus III
    • MA420 - Mathematical Logic
    • MA440 - Advanced Calculus
    • MA491,492,493,494 - Independent Study

Teacher certification in the State of Illinois mandates students earn a C or better in all required mathematics and education courses. Teacher certification also requires specific coursework in education and other areas. See the School of Education section for details. Students should consider preparation in a second teaching field to increase the breadth of their knowledge and the probability of finding a teaching position upon graduation.

Plan of Study

Mathematics Education 8 Semester Plan

Mathematics Education Required Courses

MA140 - Calculus I Differential and integral calculus of the elementary functions with associated analytic geometry; concepts of limit, continuity, derivative and integral; applications of the derivative as rate of change, slope and solving max-min problems. Prerequisite: Successful completion of calculus readiness exam, or a grade of C- or better in MA115.
MA208 - Discrete Mathematics Introduces basic techniques of proof and combinatorial problem solving.  Topics include graphs, trees, logic, applied combinatorics, and number theory. Prerequisite: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in MA140.
MA240 - Calculus II Applications of definite integral and Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, methods of integration, integrals of inverse trigonometric functions, logarithmic and exponential functions, the use of polar coordinates, infinite series, power series, Taylor series and Fourier series. Prerequisite: a grade of C- or better in MA140.
MA301 - College Geometry Elements of plane and solid geometry treated from both a synthetic and metric approach, historical development of geometry, parallelism and symmetry, area and volume, other geometries including hyperbolic non-Euclidean geometry, projective geometry and finite geometries. Prerequisite: a grade of C- or better in MA140.
MA303 - Linear Algebra Matrices, linear systems, finite dimensional vector spaces, vector geometry, linear transformations, quadratic forms. Prerequisite: a grade of C- or better in MA240.Completion of MA208 recommended. 
MA304 - Probability Combinatorial analysis, probability axioms, random variables and their distributions including binomial, normal, Student's t and f, estimation and sampling, hypothesis testing, linear and multivariate regression. Prerequisite: a grade of C- or better in MA240.
MA305 - Differential Equations Elementary differential equations and applications including linear differential equations with constant coefficients and first order systems, higher order differential equations and applications. Existence and uniqueness theorems. Numerical techniques. Prerequisite: Mathematics 340 and concurrent enrollment or completion of MA303.
MA313 - Numerical Analysis Iterative methods for approximating numerical solutions to systems of equations, polynomials, integral and differential equations. Also matrix manipulation and error analysis. Prerequisite: MA240 or consent of instructor.
MA314 - Mathematical Statistics Continuation of Mathematics 304 with an emphasis on multivariate distributions, estimation and tests of statistical hypotheses. Students who complete the course will have the opportunity to be prepared for the first actuarial statistics examination. Prerequisite: MA304. 
MA320 - History of Mathematics A study of major developments in the history of mathematics and in the mathematical contributions of non-Western cultures. The interplay between mathematics and culture is emphasized. Prerequisite: MA140 or consent of instructor. 
MA340 - Calculus III Introduction to calculus of several variables, partial derivatives, multiple and iterated integrals, vector functions. Prerequisite: Mathematics 240.
MA403 - Abstract Algebra Introduction to abstract algebra.  Includes basic ideas and theorems about groups, rings, integral domains, and fields. Prerequisite: MA303 or consent of instructor.
MA420 - Mathematical Logic An introduction to mathematical logic and metamathematics. Includes predicate calculus, proof theory, formal axiomatic theories, consistency, completeness, and decidability. Prerequisite: MA208 or consent of instructor.
MA425 - Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Grades 6-12 Microteaching and structured classroom participation required. The course focuses on teaching standards based mathematics content with the inclusion of appropriate technologies. Required for both middle school and high school Illinois Mathematics Teacher Certification. Prerequisites: a grade of C or better in MA140 plus grades of C or better in an additional 9 hours of mathematics above MA140, junior or senior standing, admission to the School of Education, and consent of instructor.
MA440 - Advanced Calculus A rigorous treatment of fundamental analysis concepts. Includes topology of the real number system, limits, continuity, sequences, differentiability, and integrability. Prerequisite: MA303 and MA340, or consent of instructor.
MA471 - Internship in Methods of Teaching Mathematics Students learn methods of teaching mathematics in a classroom situation under the supervision of a member of the department. Includes methods of course organization, presentation, and assessment and the use of technology in teaching mathematics. Prerequisite: Junior mathematics major and approval of instructor and Department chair.
MA491 - Independent Study Advanced study in a topic chosen jointly by student and instructor. Some recent topics include topology, real analysis, operations research, complex analysis, logic and foundations, ethnomathematics, advanced statistics, formal language theory, projective geometry and computer-assisted instruction in mathematics. Prerequisite: Consent of department chair.