Program Highlights

The graphic design and computer art major provides students with special skills, experiences, and artistic guidance. These experiences introduce students to the world of visual communications. The program emphasizes commercial and computer graphic design relative to print and electronic media. Emphasis is placed on developing creative concepts, learning techniques, and solving problems that will prepare students for future career opportunities. Computer design training will place students at the forefront of technology and prepare them for the future of visual communication.

A special program for seniors provides them with client and designer experiences. Senior students design all types of collateral marketing and promotional material for various community businesses and organizations to give them solid work experience.

Plan of Study

Student work samples

Sample Plan of Study

This plan of study shows the types of courses you might take as a student in this major. This is presented simply to provide a realistic preview of your coursework. Once you enroll at Millikin, a faculty advisor will guide you through the process of selecting courses that will help you graduate on time from this program. While this sample demonstrates a plan of study that covers eight semesters, each student’s academic path is unique and your timeline may look different.

Sample Plan of Study
Semester 1 University Seminar
Critical Writing, Reading, Research I
Drawing Orientation I
Design Orientation I
Semester 2 Studio Elective
Critical Writing, Reading, Research II
Drawing Orientation II
Design Orientation II
Science with Lab
Semester 3 US Cultural Studies
Art history
Introduction to Graphic Design
Oral Communication Studies
Computer Art and Design I
Semester 4 Art History
Studio Elective
US Structural Studies
Semester 5 Typography
Art History
Global Studies
Semester 6 Computer Art and Design II
Art History
Studio (Second Concentration)
International Cultures and Structures I
Semester 7 Studio Elective
Branding and Package Design
Art Internship
Studio (Seocnd Concentration)
International Cultures and Structures II
Semester 8 Portfolio
Studio (Major Concentration)
Studio (Minor Concentration)


Graphic Design Majors