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Students in occupational therapy who plan to begin clinical work after three years at Millikin must complete a minimum of 92 credits while at Millikin, including 24 credits in the major and 24 credits in upper-division courses. On successful completion of the required course work in the accredited school equivalent to 32 credits, the student earns a B.S. degree from Millikin. Millikin participates in a 3-2 program with Washington University in St. Louis.

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Sample Plan of Study

This plan of study shows the types of courses you might take as a student in this major. This is presented simply to provide a realistic preview of your coursework. Once you enroll at Millikin, a faculty advisor will guide you through the process of selecting courses that will help you graduate on-time from this program. While this sample demonstrates a plan of study that covers eight semesters, each student’s academic path is unique and your timeline may look different.

Sample Plan of Study
Semester 1 Ecology and Evolution with Lab
General Chemistry
Introductory Chemistry Lab I
University Seminar
Critical Reading and Writing I
Semester 2 Diversity of Life with Lab
Essentials of Organic and Biochemistry with Lab
Critical Reading and Writing II
Introductory Psychology
Semester 3 Anatomy and Physiology I
Public Speaking
College Algebra
Lifespan Development
US Cultural Studies
Semester 4 Anatomy and Physiology II
Introductory Chemistry Lab II
General Inorganic Chemistry
US Structural Studies
Semester 5 Genetics
Biology Content Category
International Cultures and Structures I
Global Studies
College Physics I
Semester 6 Statistical Analysis/Bio Data
Molecular and Cell Biology
Molecular and Cell Biology Lab
College Physics II
Semester 7 Biology Content Category
Senior Seminar
Medical Terminology
Semester 8 Senior Seminar
Introduction to Psychopathology
Fine Arts


Pre-Professional Program - Pre-Occupational Therapy