Make It Millikin: Mackenzie Martin

Millikin student's "vision" is set on optometry

Millikin student's "vision" is set on optometry

All Mackenzie Martin wanted to do as a young girl was pick up a book and read. When she was told that she needed to limit her time reading due to issues with her vision, she was traumatized.

A native of Paris, Ill., Martin went through a few years of constant visits to the optometrist office for vision therapy sessions.

"Being in vision therapy for two years, I was able to make connections with the optometrists and see how things worked," Martin said.

Because of her experience, Martin found her calling and set a goal of becoming an optometrist herself.

"The eyes are one of the most important organs of the body to me," said Martin. "It has definitely been my goal for a long time to help other people see the best they can."