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Advancing Your Career, Honing Your Skills

Designed for the working adult, our Evening MBA Program provides an innovative, collaborative workspace driven by Performance Learning and diverse student cohorts.  Our curriculum promotes your mastery of business concepts while teaching you to think like an executive. The program provides a competitive advantage in todays' challenging business economy, where competition is fierce and performance is crucial.  

Learn from our world-class faculty.  Collaborate as part of a diverse student cohort.  Develop a network of new contacts... all while advancing your career.  

  • • Students in the Evening MBA Program typically have several years of business experience and varying educational backgrounds. They work in all types of small and corporate businesses in such fields as accounting, healthcare, engineering, information systems, human resources, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship. 
  • • 17-month program
  • • Starts every January 
  • • Evening classes
  • • Meets in-person, two times per week, from 6:00-9:30pm
  • • 40 credit program, in accelerated 9-weeks units, consisting of:
    • An intense Bootcamp component to start the program.  NO foundation courses are required; Bootcamp provides you with everything you need to know to get started! 
    • 13 courses, including a 4-course sequence in a concentration of your choice!
    • An international immersion trip as part of the curriculum
  • • Average cohort size is 15 students 
  • • Access to state-of-the-art technology in the MBA suite


Tailor Your Learning

Students in the Evening Program have the opportunity to choose a concentration dependent on their professional goals!

Management: This general management concentration is geared toward the highly motivated professional who seeks a leadership position in an organization or aspires to run their own organization.  

Healthcare Administration: geared toward those within the healthcare industry who are looking to grow into positions of leadership and understand the fundamentals of financial and communication strategy, team cultivation, policy and legislation, and how to forge a dynamic organization in an increasingly connected world. 

In either concentration, we seek to admit driven individuals who will contribute to the learning experiences of others, and integrate theory with practice. Academic and professional successes are important criteria for selection into this program.




Download the Millikin Evening MBA flier here.



Millikin's Evening MBA program begins with an intensive review of topics (also known as Bootcamp) before beginning six units containing two courses each. Students move through the units and courses in teams, start to finish. The MBA Program is 40 total credit hours.

Prior to starting:

  • • MB501 - Bootcamp (1 credit) 

Unit 1: 

  • • MB540 - Financial Accounting (3 credits)
  • • MB550 - Strategic Marketing Analysis (3 credits)

Unit 2: 

  • • MB530 - Financial Fundamentals (3 credits)
  • • MB580 - Strategic Resources Management (3 credits)

Unit 3: 

  • • MB535 - Business Analytics (3 credits)
  • • MB587 - Seminar in Business Topics (3 credits)

Unit 4:

Management Concentration Healthcare Administration Concentration
MB520 - Globalization & World Economics (3 credits) MB571 - Healthcare Finance (3 credits)    
MB570 - Leading & Changing Organizations (3 credits) MB572 - Healthcare Leadership (3 credits)

Unit 5: 

Management Concentration Healthcare Administration Concentration
MB560 - Cases in Financial Decision Making (3 credits)      MB574 - Healthcare Policy & Economics (3 credits)
MB510 - Personal Values & Business Ethics (3 credits)  MB573 - Healthcare Process Management (3 credits)

Unit 6: ​

  • • MB590 - Business Strategy (3 credits)
  • • MB600 - Capstone (3 credits)
  • • MB610 - International Immersion (3 credits)​

Global Connections

Millikin believes that to truly understand the global economy in which we live and work, we must immerse ourselves into our international world. For that reason, MBA students, at the end of their MBA program, travel internationally to live and study in another country for one week, where they participate in lectures, group projects, company visits, and cultural tours.

In recent years, Millikin MBA students have traveled to The Fudan University (FSU) in Shanghai as well as to Peking University in Beijing. Most recently, MBA students have studied in Koblenz, Germany at the WHU-Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management.  This trip is included in tuition.  

MBA trip to Germany

MBA trip to Germany

MBA trip to Germany


MBA trip to Germany


MBA trip to Germany


MBA trip to Germany


MBA trip to Germany

MBA trip to Germany


MBA trip to Germany


MBA trip to Germany

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Evening program start and how long is it?

The Evening MBA program begins in January of each year and ends 17 months later, in May of the following year.

What's the Evening program like?

The Evening MBA Program is designed for working adults from all majors and backgrounds.  

You will start the program with a review course (referred to as Bootcamp) of core business topics to ensure that all graduate students have the same knowledge base at the start of the program. The program is then divided into 6 units:​

  • • Each unit is 9 weeks and consists of two classes.
  • • Classes meet (in-person) two evenings a week, from 6:00-9:30pm.
  • • Classes will not meet during the week of Thanksgiving and for 4 weeks from mid-December to early January. 
  • • Students can choose between two concentrations: Management or Healthcare Administration
  • • Students have the opportunity to travel internationally as part of the curriculum. 
  • • The average cohort size is 15 students
  • • You can attend class remotely when life happens!  Our MBA classroom, designed with high-tech equipment, allows MBA students the flexibility to attend class virtually, as well as watch the recording of class.

How many credit hours are required in the program?

40 Total Credit Hours.

How much does the program cost?

Click here and choose the "Graduate" tab for tuition information.

Is financial aid available?

Yes. An alumni scholarship will be awarded to Millikin alumni. 

In addition, graduate students are eligible for the Federal Stafford Loan Program. To qualify for this loan, students must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Financial Aid Office.

Click here to view other Graduate Financial Assistance 

What are the admission requirements?

Click here to see the MBA admission requirements

When is the deadline to apply for the Evening program?

November 1 of each year.  

How do I get an application for admission?

MBA Application for Admission

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