A degree in Arts Technology will prepare students to work in a variety of arts, business, and entertainment industries. Students can earn either a BA or BS degree and can choose an area of concentration from the following:

Concentrations within Major

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Audio Engineering & Production
Audio Engineering & Production

Bring together music and technology. Make something powerful.

Live Event Technology
Live Event Technology

Craft the experience through light, sound, and projection in theatres, concerts, or tradeshows.

Video Production
Video Production

Learn production techniques and film theory, which all starts with the skills to tell a good story.

Visual Media
Visual Media

Where design, photography, animation, and the web come together.


Career Opportunities

With the skills you will develop in Arts Technology, you will be prepared to do creative work for a variety of industries, and to make your own opportunities in the ever-changing creative economy.

  • Audio Engineer
  • Videographer/editor
  • Concert/exhibition lighting designer
  • Sound reinforcement for performance venues
  • Graphic/Interactive designer
  • Film soundtrack production
  • Audio/video/podcast producer
  • Sound/video director or technician
  • Website and App Designer/Developer
  • Art director for commercial, TV, film, print, web
  • Corporate media specialist
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • Audio production for video
  • Animator
  • Theatrical projection designer
  • Game Designer/Developer
  • .....and many more

Student Work

In courses across the major students are challenged to create projects that use visual communication techniques to solve business and artistic problems.

Performance learning is incorporated in courses through student ventures such as the Blue Connection, Millitrax, Ignite Studios, and Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre. The Center for Entrepreneurship helps support these fine art ventures through the Arts Entrepreneurship Program.



News in Arts Technology

College of Fine Arts
Design Leader, Jacinda Walker, on Campus
October 24, 2017, 2:45pm
Design Leader, Jacinda Walker, on Campus The Arts Technology Department and the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted design leader, Jacinda Walker, on campus for two days this past October...
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Millikin School of Music
Academic | Center for Entrepreneurship | College of Fine Arts
Music industry names share insight with Millikin students
September 26, 2017, 2:30pm
Millikin School of Music hosts "Artists, Entrepreneurs and Purpose" Seminar The Millikin University School of Music, Arts Technology Department and Center for Entrepreneurship recently...
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College of Fine Arts
Arts Technology Partners With MU Athletics
September 20, 2017, 2:15pm
Arts Technology Partners With MU Athletics This fall two classes in the Arts Technology major are partnering with Millikin Athletics to provide Performance Learning experiences to our...
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