Program Highlights


The Art Education major is a specialized program of study that combines your passion for art with your interest in K-12 education. Through your coursework and interactions with faculty in both the Art Department and the School of Education, you will graduate with an education license that pairs with your Art degree so that you can work in a school setting teaching art. You will learn from professional experiences in classrooms throughout Illinois as you work with children of varying ages and skill levels. Personal attention is given to each Millikin student as both artist and teacher-learner allow for one to forge a path that best promotes the ultimate possibilities of personal growth and attainment of knowledge, skill, value, respect, and communication.


Plan of Study

Sample Plan of Study

This plan of study shows the types of courses you might take as a student in this major. This is presented simply to provide a realistic preview of your coursework. Once you enroll at Millikin, a faculty advisor will guide you through the process of selecting courses that will help you graduate on time from this program. While this sample demonstrates a plan of study that covers eight semesters, each student’s academic path is unique and your timeline may look different.

Sample Plan of Study
Semester 1 University Seminar
Critical Writing, Reading, Research I
Drawing I
2D Design
Intro to American Ed
Human Development K-12
Semester 2 Art Elective
Critical Writing, Reading, Research II
Drawing II
3D Design
Off-campus Education Internship
Semester 3 US Studies
Art History
Art Elective
Elem Probability and Statistics
Foreign Language
Semester 4 Exceptional Child
Art History
Art Elective
Foreign Language
US Studies
Semester 5 Art Elective
Art History
Public Speaking
Global Studies
Creating Community Leaders
General Secondary Method Assessment
Semester 6 Art of Entrepreneurship
Foreign Language
Literacy in Content
Literacy Course
Secondary Art for Teachers
Creative Arts and Movement
Semester 7 Art Elective
Supervised Student Teaching
Education Senior Seminar
Semester 8 Art Elective
Blue Connection
Art History
Art Elective