Video Production & Cinema Concentration

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Program Overview

With state-of-the-art facilities and excellence across the College of Fine Arts students have the ability to collaborate with dancers, actors, and musicians on a range of multidisciplinary cinematic endeavors! 

The video production and cinema emphasis readies students for a myriad of careers in fields ranging from motion picture, television and documentary film-making to commercial, corporate and web video production. Students will gain hands-on experience as they explore the elements and equipment necessary to create professional video and cinema projects.

Other Concentrations Include: Interactive Media | Audio Engineering & Production | Visual Media. Students may earn more than one concentration.

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Video Production & Cinema Concentration (18 credits)

• AT 234 Directing for the Camera (3)   
• AT 334 Production for Video and Cinema 1 (3 )   
• AT 434 Postproduction for Video and Cinema 1 (3)

And Choose 9 credits from the following:

• AT 235 Director's Vision (3)
• AT 335 Production for Video and Cinema 11 (3)
• AT 435 Postproduction for Video and Cinema 11 (3)
• AT 337 Cinematography (3)
• AT 339 Screenwriting (3)
• AT 320 Motion Graphics Animation (3)
• AT 363 Topics in Video Production (3-9)
Or Elective As Approved By Chair


*Electives available in live sound, visual effects, international film, documentaries, film theory, and audio production.

Be sure to check out some of our student films shown at our Film Festival, Images in Motion, view our past awards won and our student run film studio 1901 Productions and student run media firm Millikin Creates.

Students using video equipment

Image from a Fall 2020 class.

Read more about 1901 Productions, our student-run film production company in our magazine

Student looking at computer screen