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1901 Productions is a Millikin student-run, motion-picture studio. The venture is focused on the creation of narrative video and cinema content. The students in this venture gain experience in the vast array of jobs that are necessary to bring motion picture projects to life.  They also develop the skills needed to distribute these projects to a mass audience. 

As a venture, 1901 Production’s goals are to:

  1. Generate and distribute a continual stream of profitable original content. 
  2. Offer complete cinema and video production services to a variety of clients.

1901 Productions specializes in motion picture storytelling with cinematic production values. The venture works in all types of narrative media including YouTube programs, documentaries, music videos, short films, and even full-length features. 

If you are a student interested in producing, directing, acting, cinematography, storyboarding editing, grip, gaff, marketing, or any other job needed to bring video content to life and get it an audience then 1901 Productions is the venture for you. 

If you are a client looking to bring a narrative piece to cinematic life with high end production values at a some of the best rates in the business then 1901 Productions is the studio for you.

For more information contact instructors Eric Hector (ehector@millikin.edu) or Johnny Power (jpower@millikin.edu).

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