Approximately 1 out of every 3 students who file a FAFSA are selected by the Federal processor for a quality assurance process called Verification. If selected for Verification, the student/family will be contacted by Millikin and asked to supply additional tax documents or other supporting documentation. If you receive a Verification request, please comply with the necessary documents as soon as possible. 

Outside scholarships

In accordance with Federal Regulation 34CFR73.5b, all sources of funding, ie; resources a student receives or can anticipate from entities outside the institution they are attending, must be considered when awarding need-based financial aid. In the event that outside resources are received after financial aid has been awarded, the institution must review all awards. Millikin makes every effort to reduce the least desirable and first (loans). Please report any scholarships you have received or anticipate through our Outside Scholarship Form.

Special circumstances

Sometimes a situation occurs which affects the financial standing of a family. In instances of loss of employment, divorce, death of a parent, loss of child support, etc., an individualized review of the family's situation may be requested. Please contact the Student Financial Services to discuss your particular situation with a representative.