Marketing (Digital) Minor

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Communicating Through Digital Channels

This minor is for students who believe the strategic aspect of digital media marketing would supplement the creative passion they're mastering in their majors - particularly Communication, Graphic Design, Music Business, English Writing, Sports Management, and Health, Fitness and Recreation.  Students who complete a minor in Digital Media Marketing will have a working knowledge of digital media marketing that is applicable to their field of study. The work could include writing and posting blogs, creating press releases, proofing and editing, tracking metrics and maintaining business digital media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Digital Media Marketing Course List

Required courses (12 credits)

  • ET100 Business Creation
  • MK200 Principles of Marketing
  • MK308 Consumer Behavior and Analytics
  • MK363 Brand Loyalty through Digital Media

Digital Marketing Electives (3-9 credits)

  • MK307 IMC Campaigns
  • MK310 Personal Selling & Sales Management
  • MK330 Event Planning
  • MK360 Special Topics
  • MK365 Brand Loyalty Experience

Interdisciplinary Electives (0-6 credits)

  • AR201 Computer Art and Design Orientation
  • AT110 Introduction to Digital Media
  • AT234 Pre Production Video & Cinema
  • AT265 Foundations in Web Design & Development
  • AT334 Production Video & Cinema
  • CO251 Introduction to Public Relations
  • CO351 Topics in Writing - Social Media Writing
  • CO351 Topics in Writing - Broadcast Writing
  • CO360 Seminar in Communication*
  • CO470 Persuasion Campaigns and Performance
  • EN305 Web Publishing
  • SO100 Introduction to Sociology
  • SO215 Sociology of Video Gaming
  • SO220 Popular Culture and the Media Sociology
  • SO326 Economy and Society
  • *or appropriate course approved by the chair.