Program Highlights

The Millikin Difference

Do you wonder how an Amazon package makes it to your doorstep? Management majors learn not only about this process, but also how to develop the team who makes it happen. Students in this major are decision makers who develop muscular skills in logistic orchestration, project management, and process improvement. They also focus on problem solving and relating with people to understand crisis and improvement. Students gain these skills through hands-on class projects, internships, and exposure to global trends and issues. All of this helps graduates run more efficient and effective businesses.

Performance Learning

Performance Learning initiatives with business partnerships at the local, national, and international levels in the community include participating in management consulting projects, developing staffing plans, designing and delivering training modules, planning projects and events, flowcharting and designing business processes, and developing and documenting quality management systems.

Career Opportunities

A management degree from Tabor opens up multiple career doors. Options include logistical functions, which is the fastest growing management-related industry, and human resources, which has become a competitive advantage for many businesses.

$52,149 Average starting salary for graduates

*National Association of Colleges and Employers, 2018

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