International Business

International Business


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The Millikin Difference

The Millikin international business major takes Performance Learning to a global level. Students collaborate with international professionals in industry and government consulting projects. Through these projects, students might help organizations enter the U.S. market or strengthen a local economy. A semester studying business abroad in locations like Chile, France, or Japan complements the global Performance Learning projects of international business students. International business graduates not only understand the intricacies of international trade and markets, but also have the business sense, relationships, and cultural savvy to succeed in global business.

Partner Institutions

Millikin University currently has partnerships with schools around the world. Some of these partners include:

Paris, France - Paris School of Business
Haarlem, The Netherlands - InHolland University
Ghent, Belgium - Artevelde University
Aarhus, Denmark - Aarhus Business Academy
Stuttgart, Germany - Duale Hochschule Baden-Wuttemberg
Tokyo, Japan - Rikkyo University
Wiener Neustadt, Austria - University of Applied Studies Wiener Nuestadt
Queensland, Australia - University of the Sunshine Coast

Mark Munoz"All businesses nowadays are impacted by international networks, relationships, and events. An enterprise may have a foreign buyer, a supplier from another country, an investor from overseas... the list can go on and on. International Business is at the heart of all these activities. International Business students find the 'wings to fly' - the knowledge and skills to succeed in global business."

Dr. J. Mark Munoz, Professor of Management & International Business

Performance Learning

Performance Learning takes the shape of consulting projects, international competitions, and diplomatic conferences. For all these activities, students leave the classroom and campus to travel to board rooms or collaborative spaces. Students might travel as locally as Chicago, or as extensively as Ecuador.

Recently, International Business students created a development plan for the Italian multinational firm Barilla, which helped them expand business in the U.S. The students went beyond writing a report - they traveled to Italy and presented their research findings and recommendations to the CEO of Barilla.

Career Opportunities

Pack your skills in a bag and take them with you to meet the demands of global business. International business majors understand and celebrate the interconnections of business, politics, and law. These students excel at strengthening the relationships between partners and customers from disparate economies and cultures, which is critical for corporations establishing operational bases across the globe.

$53,107 Average starting salary for graduates

*National Association of Colleges and Employers, 2018

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