English Studies

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If you love studying literature and writing and want to create a customized degree to fit your interests and career goals, our English Studies major is for you. English Studies students take the same core courses as all English majors and then have the opportunity to create a personalized course plan.

Millikin’s English Studies major offers a wide range of literary studies, writing, and publishing courses so you can develop into a versatile English major with a breadth of experiences and depth of knowledge. You’ll identify the 24 credits of advanced English courses that meet your needs and spark your passion for English in its myriad forms.

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Program Highlights


The English Studies major brings together in-depth literary studies with the Performance Learning emphasis of our writing and publishing courses, providing opportunities for you to engage in the mix of coursework that fits your interests and career goals. All students who major in English Studies gain a solid foundation in literature, rhetoric and composition, writing theory, and writing (journalism, professional writing, and/or creative writing), depending on which advanced English courses students choose to take.

English Studies students work closely with their academic advisor to envision a plan of study that makes sense for them and sets them up for academic and professional success. Along the way, small class sizes ensure personal mentoring experiences with professors who have expertise in literary analysis, cultural studies, journalism, creative writing, professional writing, editing, and publishing. English Studies students also have the opportunity to get involved in our student-run publications, undertake relevant internships, and more.

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