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School of Writing, Languages & Cultures

Interested in the study of writing, languages and cultures?

In the School of Writing, Languages & Cultures, we value the written and spoken word and the many ways people communicate to different audiences for a variety of purposes. We study storytelling across languages and cultures — and we tell our own stories across languages and cultures, too. We regularly practice reading, writing and analyzing a variety of texts and in a variety of contexts. 

We offer numerous programs to fit students’ interests and goals, including majors in Professional Writing, Creative Writing, Journalism, English Education and English Studies as well as minors in Spanish, Writing and Publishing & Editing. Students find many Performance Learning opportunities, including working on student publications (magazines, newspapers, literary magazines), teaching fellow students through the Writing Center and language tutoring, and engaging in a range of professional and cultural student organizations.

  • ProspectiveStudents

    Reading, writing and speaking well are foundational life skills. No matter your future career, mastering these skills will set you apart from the competition and prepare you for future success. Get involved in our wide range of internships, publishing opportunities and student-run business ventures. 

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  • Programs of Study

    • student pulling book from bookshelf

      English Education

      Chances are that you were inspired by some favorite teachers during your life. Let us help you follow in their footsteps. Students at Millikin can earn a BA Degree in English Education to become certified in teaching the English language arts in the state of Illinois.
    • English Writing

      English Writing

      Millikin's English Writing major emphasizes experiences in a variety of writing contexts including journalism, professional writing, academic writing, literary writing, editing, publishing and personal creativity.
    • Spanish Minor

      Spanish Minor

      A foreign language minor will broaden your job prospects and help you develop a more well-rounded education.
    • Writing Minor

      With the writing minor, students with a love of writing or an interest in honing their writing abilities to support their future career goals can take relevant coursework alongside their major(s).
    • Millikin University Writing Center

      Publishing & Editing Minor

      Millikin University’s Publishing & Editing Minor prepares students for careers in the publishing industry and gives them the experience needed for graduate studies in creative writing, digital media, journalism, and publishing.