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Program Highlights


The Art concentration allows students to engage in their passion in fine arts, inviting them to build basic skills in 2D or 3D arts, while also learning the theory and history of media, art, and/or antiques. Students will have opportunities to gain hands-on experience in arts management as gallery directors, curators, media relations, and entrepreneurs in the fine art student run gallery, Blue Connection, and the premier gallery on campus, Perkinson Gallery.

Be prepared to lead in museums, galleries, art studios, and arts councils, by managing personnel, recruiting artists, engaging communities, and more as you dive into the world of arts management! See the list of the core classes in Arts Administration.

Want to Go Deeper in Art? Consider adding a second major as a BA in Art or check out one the art certificates in graphic design, painting, photography, history, sculpture, or ceramics.

Bring art to the world. Educate and challenge people.
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