Millikin’s Lunch and Learn Lecture Series focuses on Technology and Business

Topics that guest speakers will discuss during the Fall Semester include the blockchain, IoT and quantum computing.

Millikin Bronze Man

DECATUR, Ill. – For the Fall 2023 semester, Millikin University’s Tabor School of Business Professor Mark Munoz will host a series of three guest lecturers during the “Lunch and Learn Lecture Series on Technology and Business.” 

All the guest presentations will be held online over Teams and are open to Millikin students, alumni, faculty, staff and the Decatur community. 

Mark Munoz

Dr. Munoz was recently named the runner-up for Male Entrepreneurial Leader of the Year (Educational Champion) this summer by the the Triple E Awards hosted by the Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial & Engaged Universities (ACEEU). 

The first lecture will be held at noon on Friday, Sept. 15, about “Blockchain and Business” by Dr. Abhishek Khumbat. Dr. Khumbat is the founder and CEO of SapidBlue Technologies, which assists organizations with data and AI solutions, blockchain technology and platform engineering.

A blockchain is a critical component of cryptocurrencies and is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger used to record transactions across many computers that cannot be altered retroactively.

To join this lecture on Sept. 15, click here. 

On Friday, Oct. 13 at noon, Dr. Ron Sheffield, University of Louisville Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership, will discuss “IoT and Business.”  

“IoT” stands for “Internet of Things” and is a network of interconnected devices that collect and exchange data with an information system and each other via the internet. IoT products can include fitness trackers, smart refrigerators and cameras. 

To join this lecture on Oct. 13, click here. 

“Quantum Computing and Business” will be the topic of the semester's final lecture by Dr. Aracelli Venegaon-Gomez on Friday, Nov. 10 at noon. Dr. Venega-Gomez is the founder and CEO of QURECA (Quantum Resources & Careers), which provides services and solutions to the quantum workforce. 

Quantum computing is a rapidly emerging technology that harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics to solve problems too complex for classical computers. 

To join this lecture on Nov. 10, click here. 

Each speaker will lecture for about 30 minutes, followed by a Q&A session for 15-20 minutes. There will also be an opportunity to discuss the implications of the technology in other fields aside from business.