Made it Millikin: Theodore Fisher

Theodore Fisher

Made it Millikin: Theodore Fisher

For those that grow up in a "college town," there may be preconceived notions about staying close to home to attend a university. Students like Millikin University sophomore Theodore Fisher are breaking that barrier.

A Decatur, Ill., native, Fisher chose to come to Millikin because of its prestigious School of Music that would support his music performance minor, along with the knowledge that he would gain while still having the comforts of home that the then 17-year-old needed.

"Going into Millikin, I was only 17, so I figured I would need to mature before going elsewhere in my higher education," the civil engineering major said.

One decisive factor for Fisher staying local was the influence of his family. Theodore's mom helped to push him toward his career field by helping him realize his passions and continues to support and guide him.

When looking at colleges, Fisher says that Millikin was always an option, but the personal aspect of Millikin's campus drew him in and made him feel at home.

"I had people, like former President Patrick White, and various other staff and faculty members come up to me and really welcome me with open arms, and that's when I knew Millikin really was for me," he said.

Theodore's ability to gain independence through the college experience has not been hindered by his being close to home but instead expanded with the opportunities Millikin has given him. Through his positions on campus like being a Student Experience Ambassador (SEA) or his job in the Office of Campus Life, Theo has been able to meet students from across the country and worldwide.

"You're meeting them and their culture as well, and that's always a good experience. With those various experiences, you're constantly expanding your view on the world," Fisher said.

When it comes to Decatur, Theodore urges others to "never judge a book by its cover." While some may see Decatur as a small town with little activity, this local student encourages those coming from other places to "interact with the locals and really get to know the city before making any vague assumptions."


Theodore Fisher

Throughout his college experience in his hometown, Fisher is gaining the skills and knowledge for his future career and is preparing to grow personably through any possible challenges he might face.

"The word that comes to me when I think of the Millikin experience is resilient," Fisher said. "Everyone's going to have a different experience when it comes to Millikin but it's not about comparing differences or similarities, but it's about how you overcome your challenges and barriers to ultimately get to your goal."