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Millikin University's mission is to deliver on the promise of education and prepare students for professional success, a democratic citizenship in a global environment, and a personal life of meaning and value.  The mission of the School of Education is consistent with the university mission as we seek to create communities of learners and learning environments that demonstrate value of diversity, inclusion and active learning.

As a member of the School of Education at Millikin University, you will benefit from small class sizes, experience in the field beginning your first semester, co-teaching training, and continual opportunities for Performance Learning to apply learned skills. 

Our programs are customizable so that each student's path is viewed as unique and individualized.  With an advisor, your program of study will be personalized to suit your interests and career goals.

Teacher Licensure

Programs leading to educator licensure in the State of Illinois.

Non-Licensure Programs

Programs leading to educator careers outside of the traditional classroom.


Areas of specialty to add on to educator licensure programs.

Performance Learning in Education

The School of Education embraces Millikin’s philosophy of performance learning by following the co-teaching method and embedding field experiences and international travel opportunities throughout our programs.


At Millikin, the School of Education uses the co-teaching model for all of our teacher candidates.  Co-teaching is an attitude of sharing all aspects of teacher learning.

Field Experiences

Field experiences play a major role in the development of teacher education candidates, beginning in the very first semester of enrollment in a teacher licensure program. 

Local and International Travel

International travel provide opportunities for students to explore new interests, experience new cultures, and broaden their worldviews with a chance to travel and study a global topic such as Education.

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Need more information? Check out the resources provided below to get information about the School of Education (SOE) faculty and staff, read the SOE handbook, and find testing information.

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