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Students with a major in Cybersecurity will build a deep set of technical skills related to IT infrastructure, networking, and information security. This major is multidisciplinary in nature to provide students with a foundation in necessary business skills along with the ethical, and legal elements necessary to analyze the effect of cyber threats. Technical courses build critical skills necessary to recognize security breaches, analyze and investigate cybercrimes, and defend against cyber threats. Career opportunities include security, network, or threat analyst for corporations or law enforcement agencies or as an information security auditor. This major also builds a solid foundation for those interested in pursuing graduate work in this field.


$59,093 Average starting salary for graduates

*National Association of Colleges and Employers, 2018

Performance Learning

Performance Learning initiatives for 3rd parties in the community could include working with a local organization on identifying vulnerabilities in networks, reviewing best practices and policies, and making recommendations on how best to secure their enterprise.

Academic Resources

Students are given access to industry-standard resources. Millikin has a dedicated, restricted access IS computer lab, complete with state-of-the-art machines and enterprise-grade software, many of which are available as downloads. Partnerships with Fortune 100 companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and vmware provide students with the tools needed to build skills and become employable.

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Required Courses

Cybersecurity Course List

Cybersecurity 8-Semester Plan

Cybersecurity Major (73 credit hours)

Business Requirements (15 credit hours)

  • EC100 Macroeconomics or EC120 Principles of Economics (3)
  • AC230 Intro to Financial Statements (3)
  • BU230 Business Conversations (3)
  • BU250 Written Business Communication (3)
  • MG300 People and Performance (3)

Math Requirements (7 credit hours)

  • MA110 College Algebra (3)
  • MA130 Elementary Prob. & Stats w/ Spreadsheets (3)
  • MA131 Stats Lab (1)

Criminal Justice/Law/Ethics Requirements (15 credit hours)

  • PH211 Ethical Theory of Moral Issues OR PH215 Business Ethics (3)
  • BU 260 Business Law (3)
  • CJ305 The Law of Evidence (3)
  • CJ340 Criminal Investigations (3)
  • CJ355 Forensics (3)

Cybersecurity Requirements (27 credit hours)

  • IS120 Intro to Business Analytics (3)
  • IS240 Foundations of Information Systems (3)
  • IS221 Programming Fundamentals (3) or CS135 Introduction to Computer Science I (3)
  • IS2xx Intro to Networks and Telecom (3)
  • IS310 Intro to Information Security (3)
  • IS311 IT Infrastructure (3)
  • IS321 System Analysis and Design (3)
  • IS370 Database Application Development (3)
  • IS471 MIS Internship (3)

Cybersecurity Electives (choose 9 credit hours)

  • IS322 IT Audit and Controls (3)
  • IS334 System Administration (3)
  • IS362 IT Security and Risk Management (3)
  • IS 410 Ethical Hacking (3)
  • CS 434 Operating Systems (3)
  • other courses as approved