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    International Educational Opportunities

    The School of Chemistry & Physics encourages students to study abroad and periodically offers opportunities to do so. To see the opportunities coming up in the near future, click here.


    Most of our majors complete an internship during their junior or senior years. To learn more about the university's requirements for internships, take a look at the registrar's internship website. To find out about specific opportunities, talk to a chemistry faculty member and visit this page that the ACS chapter maintains. The ACS also maintains a site of summer research and internship opportunities.

    When you are ready to include CH471-Chemistry Internship in your schedule, you will need to complete an Internship Learning Contract and attach it to your Individual Study Contract. You will need to get several chemistry department signatures on the contract form before getting the dean's signature (209 Shilling Hall).

    Chemistry Fellows Fund

    The chemistry faculty at Millikin University have established an endowed fund to encourage performance learning through undergraduate research in chemistry at Millikin.

    To achieve this goal, each spring the chemistry faculty will designate at least one student who will be either a junior or senior the following year as the Chemistry Fellow(s). A student may be designated a Chemistry Fellow two years in a row. A plaque in the Chemistry Department will honor each year’s Fellow(s).

    The fund will support performance learning through undergraduate research of Chemistry Fellows, Chemistry International Research Fellows, and/or Bringman Chemistry Fellows including but not limited to these activities:

    • publication costs
    • travel and other expenses to present at a scientific meeting
    • travel and other expenses to conduct off-campus research, especially internationally or at an associated university, under the guidance of a Millikin University faculty member
    • research supplies, equipment, analyses, or other related expenses
    • summer stipend

    Recent Fellows include

    • Ashley Flores (2015 Chemistry Fellow, summer stipend and travel to ACS meeting)
    • Brian Kane (2014 Chemistry Fellow, product analysis and travel to ACS meeting)
    • Chelsea Hadsall (2013 Chemistry Fellow, travel to ACS meeting)

    The chemistry faculty encourage alumni to contribute to this fund as part of their annual giving to Millikin.