The Millikin Difference

As a major in business communication, you will study the nature and role of communication in professional contexts. More specifically, you will learn to craft and deliver the critical messages of a business to their essential stakeholders - like their employees, customers and investors. Students will have the communication skills and business acumen to identify organizational objectives, understand stakeholders and convey meaningful insight and information. This major prepares students for a wide range of careers in professional contexts.

Career Opportunities

A degree in business communication will prepare you for a career in communication, marketing and public relations fields. Specific career roles may include:

  • Communication specialist
  • Communication manager
  • Fundraiser
  • Talent acquisition/recruiting
  • Customer relations
  • Sales consultant
  • Professional/corporate trainer
  • Social media manager

Median starting salary: $57,000*

*National Association of Colleges and Employers, Winter 2020 Survey

Performance Learning

At Millikin University, Performance Learning is our unique approach to hands-on learning. Our students often report that Performance Learning is what brings academic and scientific theory to life by allowing them to practice the application of important concepts and principles under the direction of a professional mentor.

Performance Learning initiatives in the business communication major include social media certification, an intercultural communication training seminar and various projects for non-profit organizations.

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Required Courses

Business Communication Course List

Business Communication 8-Semester Plan

Business Communication Major (59 credits)

Business Fundamentals (26 credits)

  • ET100 Business Creation
  • ET111 Team Dynamics
  • IS120 Intro to Business Analytics
  • ET230 Financial Decision Making
  • EC120 Principles of Economics
  • BU250 Written Business Communication
  • MK200 Principles of Marketing
  • FI300 Personal Finance
  • ET235 Customer Discovery
  • MG300 People and Performance

Communication Core (18 credits)

  • CO101 Communication Theory
  • CO204 Communication Research Methods
  • CO341 Organizational Communication
  • CO432 Intercultural Communication
  • MK363 Brand Loyalty through Digital Media
  • CO480 Communication Internship OR MK471 Digital Media Marketing Internship

Business Communication Electives (choose 15 credits)

  • AT110 Intro to Digital Media
  • CO251 Intro to Public Relations
  • CO360 Crisis Communication
  • CO343 Communication and Conflict
  • CO332 Gender Communication
  • EN305 Web Publishing
  • MK307 IMC Campaigns
  • MK308 Consumer Behavior & Analytics
  • MK310 Personal Selling
  • MK330 Event Planning
  • OL344 Organizational Leadership
  • PS130 Intro to Psychology
  • PS305 Social Psychology
  • PS332 Memory & Cognition
  • PS315 Perception
  • SO313 Multiculturalism & Diversity
  • Other Communication and Digital Media Marketing courses with chair approval