Apply for a College of Fine Arts Scholarship

  1. Complete Applications
    • For admission into Millikin University.
    • For consideration for a College of Fine Arts Scholarship. This link will be sent you once you are accepted to Millikin University.
  2. Prepare and Submit Your Portfolio. Your portfolio should highlight your strengths as a creative media specialist and/or technician. Read the Portfolio Guidelines.
  3. Write Your Professional Statement. A 200-500 word statement that 1) how explains creativity, innovation, and/or technology are integrated in the work you enjoy making; 2) how studying Arts Technology relates to your future goals; 3) what it means to be a leader in the discipline, classroom or on campus. Email the file to:
  4. Schedule Your Interview. For your interview, you should be prepared to discuss your experiences, skills and goals. Students who live outside a 200-mile radius of Millikin University may participate in a virtual interview. Opportunities for a virtual interview include (i.e. Skype, FaceTime call, or an old fashion telephone call).

Interview is by appointment only. The scheduled dates for live interview are listed below. If one of these dates won't work, other dates are available by appointment. We will continue to do interviews as needed throughout the summer prior to classes starting in August.

•    October 9, 2018
•    November 10, 2018
•    January 21, 2019
•    February 18, 2019
•    April 6, 2019

When Do I Submit A Portfolio?

It is required that students be admitted to the University when they submit an application. It is preferred that the portfolio is submitted digitally in advance of the interview so it can be properly reviewed by faculty. However it is also acceptable to bring your portfolio with you to your scheduled interview and it can be discussed at that time.

How Do I Schedule An Interview?

  • Call the Department of Arts Technology at 217.424.6227 or
  • Email the Cindy Monkman at

* Currently there is not a portfolio required for admission into your chosen field study within the Arts Technology Department. Once admitted to the university you are also admitted to the program.

Your parents/guardians are encouraged to come to campus with you. While they will not be able to attend your Interview, they will have an opportunity to get acquainted with Millikin and have many of their questions answered with you in the exit meeting. To make the most of your campus visit, we also recommend making appointments with the Admission and Student Financial Services offices. They can arrange a campus tour, lunch or dinner on campus, or a visit to a residence hall. You are also welcome to attend classes, athletic events, or performances.

What types of scholarships are available? Students who are pursuing studies in Arts Technology may qualify for either a College of Fine Arts Scholarship or the prestigious Dean's Scholarship for Excellence. These awards are based on talent and/or academic achievement and are awarded at the time of your interview and/or portfolio review. These awards are renewed each year a student remains enrolled in the College of Fine Arts. Award amounts range from $1000-$5000.