College of Fine Arts Scholarship

Students who are pursuing majors in the Arts Technology and Administration Department may qualify for a College of Fine Arts Scholarship ($1000-$3000) or the prestigious Dean's Scholarship for Excellence ($5000). These awards are based on talent and/or academic achievement and are awarded at the time of your interview. The deadline for applications is rolling. CFA awards renew each year a student remains enrolled in the College of Fine Arts. Students can have one CFA scholarship at a time. 

  1.  Get Accepted!
  2.  Prepare your materials
  3. Schedule your interview
    • Contact Lillian Jackson at 217-424-6227 or  
    • Interviews are conducted by appointment only and can happen in person, virtually, or on the phone.
    • Submit your materials

* Currently there is not a portfolio required for admission into your chosen field study within the Arts Technology and Administration Department. Once admitted to the university you are also admitted to the major.

Your parents/guardians are encouraged to come to campus with you. While they will not be able to attend your Interview, they will have an opportunity to get acquainted with Millikin and have many of their questions answered with you in the exit meeting. To make the most of your campus visit, we also recommend making appointments with the Admission and Student Financial Services offices. They can arrange a campus tour, lunch or dinner on campus, or a visit to a residence hall. You are also welcome to attend classes, athletic events, or performances.