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The School of Nursing now offers the opportunity for the Professional Registered Nurse who holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree or is prepared at Master of Science in Nursing level as an Advanced Practice Nurse to complete the Doctor of Nursing Practice. The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a practice-focused doctorate designed to prepare advanced practice nurses to lead practice changes based on evidence to improve patient outcomes in complex healthcare systems.

Recommendation Form for Application

Important Dates

  • Application Open Date:  August 12
  • Application Deadline:     January 15
  • Program Start:                 Mid-January

Program Details

  • In Spring 2014, Millikin University launched the DNP for individuals who are preparing to become nurses who seek to complete the practice doctorate as their highest earned academic degree. (BSN-DNP)
  • Students in the Millikin University and Decatur Memorial Hospital Nurse Anesthesia Program (NAP) are enrolled as a cohort in the DNP.
  • Progression must be continuous and full-time throughout the program of study.
  • The BSN to DNP (NAP) degree consists of 88 credit hours and includes 2400+ hours of clinical practice and residency.
  • Typically, DNP (NAP) students are enrolled in the Graduate Core courses on Fridays and in the DNP Core and DNP Specialty courses from Monday through Thursday each week. Theory and practice schedules are set by the School of Nursing in collaboration with its practice partners and often fall outside of the traditional academic calendar published in the Millikin Bulletin.
  • The DNP (NAP) graduates are eligible to take the National Certification Examination administered by the National Board of Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA).

DNP NAP plan of study

Getting Into the Program

Each year, we admit a class of 14 students.  When we make our admissions decisions, we also determine a waitlist.

The School of Nursing participates in Nursing’s Centralized Application Service (NursingCas).   All materials will be submitted through NursingCas.  Application opened August 12.

NursingCAS collects and processes your application documents and verifies your transcripts.  We receive information from NursingCas and use it to make our admission decision.  We recommend that you order all official transcripts from all college experiences as early in the process as possible.  NursingCAS provides detailed information on the transcript process for all applicants.  Millikin University requires course-by-course evaluations for transcripts from foreign institutions and we accept evaluations from World Education Services, Inc. (WES) and Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE).

Based on your application, we evaluate all applicants on the following:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from an accredited institution
  • An undergraduate course in organic chemistry or biochemistry – with lab - is a required pre-requisite.  Provide evidence of successful completion (grade of C or better)
  • A graduate course in statistics is a required pre-requisite.  Provide evidence of successful completion (grade of C or better).  Course must be completed prior to enrollment
  • GPAs of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale).  Calculations of GPAs will be generated by NursingCAS only after they received all of your transcripts.
  • Possess an unencumbered license as an RN in Illinois or be eligible to obtain upon admission.
  • Must provide evidence of ACLS, BLS, PALS and CCRN certifications.
  • Provide three (3) written recommendations recommendation form. One must be from a direct ICU supervisor.
  • Submit a current resume or curriculum vitae that demonstrates a minimum of one year of adult critical care experience.
  • Submit a one to two-page written statement (up to 1000 words) addressing personal and professional goals related to the DNP Program.
  • Submit a current resume or curriculum vitae that demonstrates minimum of one year of adult critical care experience.
  • Completion of the Critical Care Checklist - found on NursingCAS
  • Completion of the Validation of Critical Care Observation form - found on NursingCAS

Important Program Dates

  • Application deadline for class enrolling January:  January 15
  • Interviews dates early April each year.  Notifications  of offered positions will be sent approximately two weeks following the last interview date. Acceptance of your position along with payment deposit must be completed by the date stated in the notification letter. Position deposit is applied toward the first semester tuition.
  • Acceptance Notifications: TBD
  • Credentialing: January 2023 - Following acceptance of an offered position, satisfactory credentialing to confirm acceptability into clinical experiences must occur. The failure to obtain credentialing results in the inability to obtain required clinical experiences and, therefore, the forfeiture of the offered position. The credentialing process requires the following be submitted prior to a set date in January, 2023:
    • Position deposit and letter of position acceptance
    • Medical clearance
    • Background Check
    • Drug screen
    • Immunizations
    • State of IL Professional Registered Nurse Licensure
  • Programmatic Orientation:  January 2023  Orientation for new students entering the nurse anesthesia program (NAP) will be held prior to beginning of classes in January. Information will be provided by Millikin University School of Nursing and Decatur Memorial Hospital Anesthesia School.

For all questions regarding the Admissions process, please contact Marianne Taylor, Director of Graduate and Transfer Admissions at or at 217-420-6771.

Doctor of Nursing Practice: Nurse Anesthesia Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply? Do I apply to Decatur Memorial Hospital and Millikin University separately?

  • Application can be made through the Nursing Centralized Application Service (NursingCas) at  To apply via NursingCas, go to the NursingCas website and after registering select Millikin University.

Who can I contact for questions regarding the application process?

  • Please contact Marianne Taylor, Director of Graduate & Transfer Admissions at or 217.420.6771 for admission questions. 

Must application materials be submitted all at once?

  • No. Materials maybe submitted as available, however all materials must be submitted in NursingCas for the information to be available for review by the Admissions Committee. All transcripts from previous educational endeavors must be submitted.

What pre-requisite coursework is required?

  • An Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry course and a Graduate Level statistics course are required. A copy of the course description maybe submitted to Ms. Taylor for verification that a planned course is acceptable.

Can I still apply if all admission requirements have not been completed?

  • Yes. Verification of enrollment in any outstanding coursework or certification requirements (i.e. PALS) must be submitted during the application process. However, those candidates with complete files by the deadline date are given priority.

How do I document my enrollment in a pre-requisite course?

  • Examples of documentation verifying enrollment in pre-requisite courses/certifications may include, but are not limited to, submission of course registration forms, receipt of payment, or official course schedule.

Are all applicants invited for an interview with the Admissions Committee?

  • No. All submitted applications are reviewed by our joint Admissions Committee. All aspects of the submitted application materials are thoroughly evaluated by the committee and interviews are extended to those applicants the committee feels may be most successful in completing the program. 

What types of critical care are acceptable?

  • We require at least one year (2 or more preferably) of recent experience as a R.N. in an adult intensive care unit. The minimum one year must be as an independent nurse (does not include time in preceptorship or orientation). The adult intensive care unit should prepare the RN as an independent decision maker in the care of acutely ill patients and provide experience in the interpretation of invasive monitors, titration of  vasoactive infusions and management of ventilated patients.  We do not accept operating room, post-anesthesia recovery (PACU), step-down, or emergency room experience as meeting the admission requirement. The CCRN is required by the application deadline to ensure that the applicant has met the minimum COA requirement for critical care experience.

Is the GRE required?

  • We do not require the GRE for admission. We do evaluate your performance in undergraduate education and expect a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.  Earned GPAs in nursing and science courses are used to determine appropriateness for admission. A GPA of less than 3.5 may be considered to be less competitive. Should the applicant’s nursing GPA be less than 3.0 or the applicant desires to be more competitive completion of the GRE is recommended.

Do I have to have an Illinois RN license to apply?

  • All applicants must possess a valid and unencumbered RN license to apply. Applicants are required to submit a copy of the RN license when they apply. An Illinois RN license must be obtained prior to enrollment in the nurse anesthesia program and maintained throughout their attendance in the program.

Is financial aid available?  If so, how do I apply?

Is any coursework provided as online courses?

  • DNP core nursing courses are provided in the online format. Nurse anesthesia courses are provided in the traditional face-to-face format. Didactic classes are generally provided during the day Monday through Friday. Clinical courses are scheduled Monday through Friday with call and weekend shifts beginning the second year of the program.

Is there a part-time course of study?

  • No. the NAP is a 36 month full-time course of study. The course of study begins in January and culminates in December.

Can I work during the program?

  • We highly discourage students from working during the program due to the academic rigor and time constraints of the Nurse Anesthesia Program.

Is there a waitlist for applicants who are not offered positions?

  • Yes, applicants may be offered an alternate position and may be called from the list until the start of the program. 

What if I am not accepted the first time I apply?

  • Due to the limited number of available positions, many applicants may not be accepted into program the first time they apply. Applicant files are maintained for three years after interview to facilitate reapplication. Contact Marianne Taylor, Director of Graduate & Transfer Admissions at or 217.420.6771 to reactivate your file. Prior students have increased the competitiveness of their application by taking additional academic courses (particularly science and graduate level courses), expanding their ICU experiences, and improving interviewing skills.

I am an Associate Degree Registered Nurse and still completing my Bachelor Degree in Nursing, am I eligible to apply?

  • Yes, as long as the BSN degree is successfully completed by the end of the summer term prior to the start of the program in January.

I am a Registered Nurse holding a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field, am I eligible to apply?

  • No. The Program requires a Bachelor of Nursing Science or Master of Science in Nursing degree as an admission requirement.

I am a physician with a medical degree in a foreign country. Can I apply for the nurse anesthesia program?

  • A Registered Nurse (RN) License is a pre-requisite for CRNA certification and Advanced Practice Nursing licensure. Therefore, applicants must possess a RN license to apply.

I attended a previous nurse anesthesia program, can I apply?  

  • Yes. Applicants who apply and have previously attended a nurse anesthesia program must also submit a reference from the Program Director of the program, their AANA number at the time of the application deadline, and provide evidence that they have left the program “in good standing”. No anesthesia courses maybe transferred from the previous program.

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