Choosing a Program

International students

What Program Should I Choose?

Before you start looking at  the program opportunities available through Millikin University you should assess your academic objectives, language abilities, and personal goals. Begin looking at the study abroad programs Millikin offers and make an appointment to speak with a study abroad advisor who can help you sort through your choices. Choosing the right program for your needs can be a difficult task and requires careful thought. As you sort through the many options available to you, you will want to assess the programs using the criteria that are important to you. When comparing programs, you should also consider the following issues:

  • Field of study: Does the program offer the kinds of courses you need -- and offer a wide-enough variety of them? Is your field of study a particular academic strength for that program?
  • Academic credit: What is the average course load for the program? What credit unit does the program use and how will those credits transfer back to Millikin? If you need credit in a major or minor or for General Education, will the program accept the courses you are looking at?
  • Language requirements: If the program has a language requirement, are you at the appropriate level of proficiency?
  • Timing: What are the program’s start and stop dates? Will those dates interfere with your return to Millikin? Will they interfere with other plans -- such as summer internship or work plans?
  • Experiential opportunities: Does the program offer internships or work experience? Do you have the opportunity to conduct independent research? Can the program help place you in volunteer activities?
  • Cost: What would the total cost -- not just tuition, room, and board -- be for the program? That is, what are the additional “expected” costs (i.e., round-trip airfare, ground transportation, additional insurance, visa fees, etc.)?

To make an appointment with a study abroad advisor please contact the CIE at or by coming to our office in the University Commons, room 122.

Other international programs available through third party providers

  • The Institute for the International Education of Students offers programs in a broad range of locations world-wide. Millikin students have enjoyed IES programs for over ten years.
  • Webster University Worldwide - Webster University has campuses in Switzerland (Geneva), Austria (Vienna), The Netherlands (Leiden), China (Shanghai), Japan (Osaka), Thailand (Cha-m/Hua Hin), Mexico (Guadalajara) and England (London).
  • University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center - Offers programs in Ecuador (Quito), India (Jaipur), Kenya (Nairobi), and Senegal (Dakar), as well as in Argentina (Buenos Aires), France (Montpellier), Italy (Florence), Mexico (Cuernavaca), Spain (Toledo), Venezuela (Mérida), Australia (Sydney), and England (London).
  • CIEE - CIEE is a non-profit, non-governmental international exchange organization. Today CIEE offers more than 130 programs in 42 countries like Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.
  • John Cabot University - An American University in the heart of Rome, Italy, with a diverse student body coming from over 40 countries.