Faculty-Led Travel

International business student

10 Steps to Short-term Travel

*The following steps are required for ALL domestic and international travel, including non-credit trips.

  1. Get the budget rationale approved by the Dean of your College after course content has been approved by your Department Chair/Dean (if applicable). Download Budget Template example.
  2. Send your budget rationale to your Dean’s Administrative Assistant to set up a meeting to get budget approval for the travel portion of your course.
  3. Fill out the Travel Contact Form with your Dean. The signed and completed form should be sent to cie@millikin.edu.
  4. The CIE will then prepare the “DRAFT Student Travel Contract.” The travel contract provides essential information about the course and provides a clear indication of expenses for enrolling in the course.
  5. The faculty leading the course will approve the Draft Contract. Once the draft is approved, CIE will send the “Student Travel Contract and Required Paperwork” Packet to the faculty leading the trip. (All faculty traveling with students are asked to hold informational meetings to explain the “Student Travel Contract and Required Paperwork,” initial payment due dates, and other pertinent information.)
  6. All contracts and paperwork need to be turned into the CIE. The CIE can walk faculty and students through the paperwork process!
  7. All receipts for trip expenses will go to Dean’s Admin Assistants.
  8. Send your itinerary to cie@millikin.edu once your trip as been planned and booked. This includes:
    1. Hotel Information
    2. Flight Information
    3. Daily Schedule
  9. Before your trip, the CIE will send all emergency contact forms to the faculty leading the travel program. A copy of the Emergency Protocol will also be included. In the case of an emergency abroad, always contact Public Safety at 1.217.464.8888.
  10. For international travel: The CIE will host a mandatory Pre-Departure orientation for faculty and students before your trip!

Important: If you have funds promised from other sources to help lower the cost of your travel, the funds MUST BE DEPOSITED into the appropriate immersion account before a contract will be distributed.

Let the CIE help promote your travel immersion!

Send your fliers and marketing materials to the cie@millikin.edu

Promote your international travel program during the Study Abroad Fairs in September and February!