Theatre and Performance Studies, BA

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance Studies is an exciting degree for students seeking a broad-based education in theatre and performance.  All students will develop a broad range of theatre knowledge and have the opportunity to focus on specialized areas to meet their individual academic and career goals.  BA Theatre and Performance Studies students will acquire deep knowledge about the analysis and theory of theatre and performance, then apply those skills in a wide variety of forms, including traditional theatre, devised theatre, and performance art.

Plan of Study

Core Learning Goals

Our core learning goals have been woven into all aspects of this rigorous four-year program from classroom and studio work, to rehearsals and productions in our mainstage season.

  • Technique
  • Analysis
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration




Scene Shop Building Steps



The B.A. Opens Doors

The BA is also an excellent choice for those seeking:

  • A second major
  • A minor
  • Certificate Programs
  • Graduate programs
  • A well-rounded education that can open doors to many fields in the theatre industry and beyond



Wintertime Olivia Tableau


Mainstage Season

Millikin’s mainstage season provides BA students with many opportunities to gain valuable production experience on stage and off. Our BA’s stay active in all areas of production including (but not limited to) dramaturgy, stage managing, house managing, assisting directors and choreographers, designing, performing, and production managing.  A typical season will include:

  • 2 musicals
  • 2 plays
  • 1 dance concert
  • In alternating seasons an opera co-produced with the School of Music or a 3rd play



Stitchers At Work



Active Participation

Students enrolled in the BA program actively participate in all departmental activities, including Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre (our student theatre company), the New Musicals Workhop, Shakespeare Corrected, and the aforementioned mainstage season.





Christine and Phantom



Versatility in the Curriculum

The flexibility of the BA program enables students to customize their education to suit their individual interests. Students in this program have combined this degree with specialized study in dozens of fields including: 

  • African American Studies
  • Arts Administration
  • Arts Entrepreneurship
  • Arts Management
  • Creative Writing
  • Communication
  • Dance
  • English
  • Human Services
  • Marketing
  • Music
  • Research and Dramaturgy


Mancini Set Trio



The Millikin Difference

The small school environment at Millikin University offers students many advantages including:

  • Individualized attention
  • Studio classes capped at 16
  • Faculty/student mentorships
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations




Cortez Emerson



Why Choose Millikin?

There are a number of things that help set Millikin apart from other schools:

  • Small school environment
  • First-rate faculty
  • National reputation
  • Individualized attention
  • Faculty/student mentorships and collaborations
  • Master classes with working professionals
  • Study abroad in our London Semester
  • Shakespeare Corrected
  • New Musicals Initiative


Phantom Callbacks

Theatre and Performance Studies, BA Require Courses

Theatre Core (15 Credits)

  • TH131, Play Analysis (3)
  • TH141, Acting I (3)
  • TH321, Directing I (3)
  • TH335, History of Theatre and Drama I (3)
  • Technical Theatre Requirement (3) - Select On From:
    • TH102 Intro to Technical Theatre
    • TH151 Fundamentals of Lighting
    • TH152 Costume Construction
    • TH154 Scenic Construction

Additional Theatre Courses (36)

  • TH101, Theatre Practicum (1 credit taken 3 times)
  • TH142, Acting II (3)
  • TH203, Devised Theatre (3)
  • TH303, Advanced Play Analysis (3)
  • TH336, History of Theatre and Drama II (3)
  • TH361, Performance Studies (3)
  • Additional Design and Production courses (3)
  • Dramatic Literature/Theory/Criticism (3 credits)
  • Theatre Electives (9 credits)
  • BA Capstone Experience (3)

Students in the BA program are welcome and encouraged to participate in productions each semester. In addition, students must fulfill the modern language requirement listed for the BA degree in the College of Arts and Sciences section of this Bulletin.