Traditional Philosophy Minor

The requirements this minor are outlined below.

One Core Course (3 credits)

__  PH113, Introduction to Logic


One of the Following Survey Courses (3 credits)

___PH210, Freedom and the Self                        ___PH214, Philosophy of Religion

___PH223, Scientific Revolutions:HPS


Four Electives in Philosophy, At Least Two of Which are at 300 Level (12 credits)                    

___PH                                                           ___PH                                       

___PH                                                           ___PH                                       


Ethics Minor

The requirements for the ethics minor are outlined below.

One Core Course (3 credits)

___PH211, Ethical Theory and Moral Issues


Two Courses in Applied Ethics (6 credits)

___PH215, Business Ethics                                ___PH217, Bioethics

___PH219, Environmental Ethics


Three of the Following Courses (9 credits)

___Any additional applied ethics course offered by the Philosophy Department (i.e., PH215, PH217, or PH219)

___PH300, Ancient Philosophy

___PH305, Philosophy of Law

___PH310, Political Philosophy

___PH311, Ethical Reasoning – Ethics Bowl

___PH366, Appellate Legal Reasoning

___PH400, Seminar in Philosophy (with appropriate content and approval of the Chair)

___Any one course outside the Philosophy Department focusing on ethics, including: CO107, Argument and Social Issues; CO308, Communication Ethics and Freedom of Expression; SO325, Social Work Ethics; BI414, The Human Side of Medicine; or another course in ethics outside the Department and approved by the Chair of the Philosophy Department.