International Business Minor

International Business


Students who complete a minor in International Business will be culturally and politically aware of how world events impact business. Students will understand how globalization affects business at all levels - locally, regionally, and internationally. Students will be adaptive to cross-cultural environments.

Required Courses (12-15 credits)

  • EC100 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • AC230 Introduction to Financial Statements
  • PO221 Introduction to International Relations
  • IB330 International Business
  • Business travel course*

International Electives (choose 6 credits)

  • IB410 International Business Consulting
  • Other Tabor International class**
  • PO321 Global Issues
  • PO324 Politics of the Developing World
  • PO367 Model UN

International Business Communication (choose 3 credits)

  • SP330 Spanish for Business
  • FR360 French for Business
  • CO432 Intercultural Communication


International Business Minor plan


*Travel requirement can be met by International Elective and must be an approved business-related course.

**Must be approved by Tabor chair.