Environmental Studies Minor

Environmental Studies Minor

Program Highlights

Millikin is a great place to study the environment. The Environmental Studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor designed to improve your knowledge of the relationship between humans and the natural world.


Students wishing to complete this minor must have their programs approved by their advisor and the Environmental Studies coordinator. A minimum of 21 credit hours is required, with at least 9 credits earned in courses numbered 300 or above.

Category 1

The following courses provide, as a primary emphasis, an exploration of environmental studies with an emphasis on the natural world, the environmental problems it faces and solutions to these problems. A minimum of two courses is required.

  • BI130. Environmental Biology (4)
  • BI340. Conservation Biology (4)
  • CO306. The Discourse of Environmental Advocacy (3)
  • CO306. The Discourse of Environmental Documentary (3)
  • ES321/IN251. Health and Pollution (3)
  • EV251/IN251. Creating a Green Society in the U.S. (3)
  • EV350/IN350. Global Issues: Global Environmentalism (3)
  • PH219. Environmental Ethics (3)
  • SO390. Environmental Sociology (3) 

Category 2

The following courses will provide essential skill sets necessary to successfully act on knowledge gained in the Category 1 courses. Five courses required. 

  • Any additional Category 1 course
  • CH106. Elemental Geosystems (3)
  • BI280 or BI380. Ecological Journeys (4)
  • CO310. Small Group Communication (3)
  • CO343. Communication and Conflict (3)
  • EC120. Principles of Economics (3)
  • EN210/BU250. Business and Professional Writing/Written Business Communication(3)
  • EN220. Writing and the Environment (3)
  • ET340. Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3)
  • HI206. Cultural Geography (3)
  • PH211. Ethical Theory and Moral Issues (3)
  • PH223/IN251. Scientific Revolutions:  History and Philosophy of Science (3)
  • PO105. The American Political System (3)
  • SO120. Introduction to Anthropology (3)
  • PO221. Introduction to International Relations (3)
  • SO365. Sociology of Globalization (3)
  • Internship (1-4)