Biology: Pre-Professional Studies

If you're preparing for a career in healthcare, the Pre-Professional Studies tracks will provide you with a rigorous curriculum that prepares you for health-related fields, complete with innovative research opportunities. 

Course examples: Biochemistry, Human Side of Medicine, Neurobiology and Microbiology.

Performance Learning

Millikin's hands-on Performance Learning approach is a vital component of Pre-Professional studies in Biology. You receive the ability to experience real-world scenarios and apply classroom lessons to practice and master the skills of your future career. 

At Millikin, through Performance Learning, you also get the opportunity to conduct graduate-level research while working with faculty-mentors. Most of our Performance Learning experiences begin during your first semester. 

Graduate-Level Research

Millikin has numerous diverse opportunities that allow you to perform the type of research you will be conducting in professional school. You will work side-by-side with faculty to learn strategies and methods that let you perform innovative research in your desired field. 

Millikin also offers opportunities to present your research to peers and professionals during our annual Celebrations of Scholarship event. 

Professional School Ready

Through personalized practice interviews and critiques, admission exam preparation and in-depth looks at application processes, our advisors will ensure you are academically and personally prepared for your transition to professional school.

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