Arts Technology, B.A./B.S.

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The Arts Technology major combines dynamic Performance Learning opportunities with a forward-looking classroom experience. Students seeking a career in the arts will hone their artistic, technical and entrepreneurial skills while working for student-run ventures, arts organizations and live events.

Arts Technology’s core courses cover topics in aesthetics and design, teach technical proficiencies in the visual and performing arts, and model sound business practices. This core, combined with skills learned in one of five concentrations, gives students the tools they need as they transition to a life as practicing artists and technicians.

In addition to the University Studies requirements for either a B.A. or B.S. degree, students will complete 30 semester hours in the Arts Technology Core, 12 semester hours in Business Foundations and 18-19 semester hours in a chosen Arts Technology concentration. 


Arts Technology Learning Goals

Students will:

  • Be conversant in the visual and performing arts, demonstrating an understanding of their aesthetics and discourses.
  • Acquire and apply, through Performance Learning, the skills needed to be proficient in essential arts technologies.
  • Develop a collaborative, entrepreneurial mindset appropriate to opportunities and accountability at the intersection of arts and technology.