Multimedia Communication, B.S., B.A.

Multimedia Communication


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What can you do with a Multimedia Communication degree?
A degree in Multimedia Communication allows students to use a multitude of platforms and technologies to creatively communicate to audiences (to entertain, persuade, or inform). Central to the program is the art of storytelling, digital publishing, and media production. The major is grounded in theory and practice with multimedia production opportunities throughout.

What does the Multimedia Communication major offer?
Multimedia Communication offers a broad introduction to visual/audio communication, storytelling, media ethics, history, and theory. Beyond that initial core, students will have an opportunity to continue a broad study across these areas but also have space to hone in on a specific area, such as radio, video, photography, web publishing, or multimedia journalism techniques. This multidisciplinary approach to curriculum design provides students with the theoretical knowledge and technical expertise needed for a communication career in a media-driven world. 

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Why is Multimedia Communication important in today's world?
In the multimedia age it is essential for professional communicators to engage on all sides of the publishing process, crafting messages from the written word to web design, video, and audio media in order to be an effective storyteller.

What are the ways you can prepare for professional success?
Put theory into practice by participating in one or more of our numerous student-run publications such as Burst magazine, Sting and Honey Press, The Decaturian, or launch your own publication, channel, or podcast. There are so many ways that you can Make it Millikin! 

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