Pre-Anesthesiologist Assistant

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An Anesthesiologist Assistant (AA) is a skilled healthcare professional working alongside anesthesiologists, specializing in administering anesthesia, monitoring patients, and managing perioperative care. Anesthesiologist Assistants participate in preoperative assessments, anesthesia administration and post-anesthesia care. They contribute to patient safety and comfort during medical procedures.

To become an Anesthesiologist Assistant, a bachelor's degree with coursework similar to the Pre-Physician Associate pathway, followed by a two-year master's program in Anesthesia. Certification is obtained through a state-specific exam post-graduation. Certification is essential, involving ongoing education and recertification exams. 

Anesthesiologist Assistants can practice in states with legislation recognizing and regulating their profession. Licensure varies, and individuals should verify specific state requirements before pursuing this career. Pre-Anesthesiologst Assistant students are highly encouraged to check American Association of Anesthesiologists for any changes in the field.

Personalized Advisor Support

The collaboration between you and your advisor is an integral and continuous part of Millikin's Pre-Professional Program. You will meet with your advisor multiple times each semester to discuss your strengths, interests and academic plans and ensure that you are on the right path for your Anesthesiologist Assistant goals. 

Performance Learning

Millikin's hands-on Performance Learning approach is a vital component of the Pre-Professional Program. You receive the ability to experience real-world scenarios and apply classroom lessons to practice and master the skills of your future career. 

At Millikin, you also get access to opportunities in laboratories, research and clinicals earlier than at most universities. Most of our Performance Learning experiences begin during your first semester. Our partnerships with the networks of local hospitals and healthcare settings will help you get a head start on your career while building a valuable professional network.

Professional School Ready

Through personalized practice interviews and critiques, admission exam preparation and in-depth looks at application processes, our advisors will ensure you are academically and personally prepared for your transition to professional school.

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