Sheiliane Gragg, Class of 2024

  • Sheiliane Gragg

    When Sheiliane Gragg, Class of 2024, decided to return to school to finish her undergraduate degree, she was initially intimidated by the challenge.

    Having been out of the classroom for several years, she was uncertain of what to expect as an adult learner.

    “I had been talking about finishing my education but was scared for when the time actually came,” she said. However, Sheiliane also knew that the longer she waited to go back, the more difficult it was going to be. She was influenced to take the leap and enroll at Millikin University by Criminal Justice Department Director and Instructor Keyria Rodgers.

    Though she initially chose a different major, Sheiliane soon changed to the Criminal Justice program following a discussion with Rodgers, who served as her adviser. “We went over my old transcripts together, and after further review, I found I had more credits in Criminal Justice and my roadmap was built,” Sheiliane explained, mentioning that each semester she’s had at Millikin has been better than the last.

    Being able to rely on her adviser’s knowledge and getting to know the faculty and staff at Millikin became a highlight of Sheiliane’s college experience.

    • Being able to discuss my concerns, and the openness for comments has been great. With every issue I’ve had, there was always someone who could help, from the other students, all the way up to the Dean.
    — Sheiliane Gragg, Class of 2024
  • During her time at Millikin, Sheiliane said that one of the most important things she’s learned is how to be a leader, which was not what she expected as an adult learner. “My peers watch and listen to me, probably because I’m the oldest one in the class. With that, I have to watch how I act and what I say, which holds me accountable.”

    This lesson is one that Sheiliane believes will benefit her in her future career, which she hopes will involve serving the community. “I would like the population I am working with to trust and believe that I will do what I say, and that I will lead by example.”

    Though Sheiliane is uncertain which career path she wants to pursue after graduating from Millikin in 2024, she is certain that the Millikin community, including professors, classmates and Big Blue alumni, will help her along the way. Overall, she hopes to do for others what has been done for her, which is to be an advocate for those who don’t think anyone is listening.