MBA Spotlight: Zak Jones, Class of 2022

Zak Jones, senior graphic designer with Millikin University’s Marketing and Media Relations office, already had a good start on his career before deciding to enroll in the University’s evening MBA program. Having grown up in Decatur and working closely with Millikin’s design and marketing efforts, the decision to pursue his MBA at Millikin was simple. “When I saw that there was an opportunity to finally be a Millikin alum and further my education, I did everything I could to make it happen.” Throughout the 17-month evening program, Jones gained a solid foundation of business knowledge, which he built upon with marketing expertise and leadership skills from his professors. He also gained more confidence in himself and his abilities. 

One lesson that Jones says left an impact was a simulation in which he saw an opportunity to lead his team. “My team wasn’t doing as well as I wanted us to, and I saw an opportunity where, if I stepped up and became a leader in that situation, that we could do a lot better,” he explained. Under Jones’ leadership, his team improved their standing to a top 10% global ranking for the simulation. This lesson, especially, helped Jones look ahead to his future career.

    • The MBA program showed me the importance of stepping up and being confident, of believing in yourself and the skills you’re given, and knowing that even if you don’t know something yet, that you’re very capable of learning it and applying it, and exceeding whatever challenges come your way.
    — Zak Jones, MBA ‘22