Made it Millikin: Jensen Cearlock

How a return trip home changed a student's academic journey

Jensen standing in ESS facility

Made it Millikin: Jensen Cearlock

Jensen Cearlock, a junior health promotion major originally from Decatur, Ill., did not start her academic journey at Millikin University. Beginning college at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo., as a communication major, she didn't quite feel at home. When COVID-19 changed the world and Cearlock returned to Decatur, she realized that her next stop on her academic journey was right in front of her at Millikin.

"It felt like home as soon as I stepped onto the campus when I came back for COVID," Cearlock said.

Some students may be hesitant to go to attend college with family so close to home, but Cearlock found it beneficial.

Cearlock noted, "Being so close to home throughout college has really helped me grow as an individual and has made me become even closer with my family than I was before."