On-Campus Housing

For many of us, going away to college is the first time that a person spends a significant time away from home. Information in this part of this site pertains to helping with some of the transition to living on-campus as well as some helpful information of some of the policies and processes we utilize in the Office of Residence Life.

Residence Halls

First-year students are assigned to rooms in one of Millikin’s four on-campus residence halls. Rooms come furnished with beds, desks and chairs, dressers, and closets. Amenities vary by hall, but typically include laundry facilities, vending machines, kitchen access, air conditioning, wireless Internet, cable TV, and secured access.

Aston Hall

Millikin’s historic Aston Hall opened in 1907 and features four traditional floors housing 100 residents. Aston Hall is known for its tall ceilings, large hallways, and community-style bathrooms – all newly updated in 2015. Named after James Millikin’s wife, Anna B. Aston Millikin, Aston Hall offers a select number of triple rooms on the fourth floor, where you can overlook campus from the tallest residence hall at Millikin. Students are assigned to single-gender floors. Amenities include: community bathrooms, wireless internet, cable TV, laundry facilities, and secured access.

  • 175 N. Oakland Ave., Decatur, IL 62522

Blackburn Hall

Named after Bonnie Rebecca Blackburn, Professor of Modern Languages, Blackburn Hall houses 99 residents. This close-knit community includes newly-updated community bathrooms, long hallways, and is the closest building to Shilling Hall. Blackburn Hall features double-occupancy rooms in a traditional residence hall style. Students are assigned to a single-gender floor. Amenities include: kitchen access, air conditioning, cable TV, wireless internet, community bathrooms, laundry facilities, ice machine, vending machines, and secure access.

  • 105 N. Oakland Ave., Decatur, IL 62522

Dolson Hall

Dolson Hall, named after prominent Decatur businessman Jack C. Dolson, boasts four floors of suite-style living in our newest residence hall (opened in 1997) housing 200 coed residents. Each floor offers a large lounging area that comes equipped with a kitchen – providing a great space for socializing and programming. Dolson Hall room options include single, double, and quad rooms. ADA accessible rooms are also available. The campus bookstore and study room are located on the ground floor. You will also find a great resource in having the Office of Residence Life located on the ground floor of this residential building. Dolson Hall is home to several of our living-learning communities. Amenities include: kitchen access, air conditioning, vending machines, ice machine, secured access, cable TV, wireless internet, laundry facilities, suite-shared bathrooms.

  • 210 N. Oakland Ave., Decatur, IL 62522

Weck Hall

Located directly across the street from Shilling Hall is Weck Hall, Millikin’s quaint two-story, suite-style residence hall. Weck houses 52 residents and includes a large first-floor lounge, study room, and a ping pong table. The benefits of living in this building include an intimate sense of community and single bathrooms shared by each group of four residents. Amenities include: air conditioning, vending machines, ice machine, secured access, cable TV access, wireless internet, laundry facilities, suite-shared bathrooms.

  • 1211 W. Main St., Decatur, IL 62522

New Hall 4

Located directly across the street from Shilling Hall is New Hall 4, Millikin's quaint two-story, suite-style residence hall. New Hall 4 houses 52 residents and includes a large first floor lounge, study room, and a ping pong table. The benefits of living in this building include an intimate sense of community and single bathrooms shared by each group of four residents. Amenities include: air conditioning, vending machines, ice machine, secured access, cable TV access, wireless internet, laundry facilities, suite shared bathrooms.

  • 1188 West Wood St., Decatur, IL  62522

The Woods at Millikin

The Woods at Millikin is a privately-owned complex that partners with Millikin to house over 600 students in luxury apartment-style living. It offers the ultimate living experience for sophomore, junior, and senior students. Apartments feature four private bedrooms, full kitchen with microwave, washer/dryer, private deck or patio, and modern furnishings. The Woods also offers a long list of community amenities, including a pool, fitness center, computer lab, and gated community. For more information visit www.thewoodsatmillikin.com or take a virtual tour of The Woods at Millikin.

  • 1135 W. Wood St., Decatur, IL 62522

The MU Greek Community

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors may also be interested in Greek Housing available on campus. The Greek community at MU consists of 11 chapters and five chapter housesgreek house at MU More than 25% of Millikin’s student body chooses to join a fraternity or sorority.

Sorority chapter houses include:

Fraternity chapter houses include:

Going Greek is a great way to focus on scholarship, service, and leadership while networking and creating life-long friendships. 

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are an option for students wanting to live on the same floor or residence hall as those who share a common interest, passion, or major. Students can indicate whether they would like to be a part of an LLC on the Millikin Housing Application. The Office of Residence Life reviews the applications, and students are placed in a community based on preference and availability. 

First Year - Nursing

If you are a student majoring in nursing at Millikin, this experience is a great way to network with others in your major. Residents share a common schedule, although not all classes will be the same. Students residing in this tightly-knit community will have specialized faculty interaction, programming, and just the perfect environment for this rigorous major.

Requirements for living in the First Year Nursing LLC: Be a full-time, degree-seeking student, who is a Nursing major at Millikin and is ready to be engaged in this community in every aspect! 

First-Year - Business 

Focus on building connections with your peers and the business faculty and staff by coming together to create a cohesive, dynamic community. Discover more about yourself while making memories during events like share your pet day, board game night, ultimate frisbee, and movie night! Network with recent MU grads, and enjoy the benefits of collaborative programming with student organizations across campus. Use your experience in this LLC to identify, develop, and articulate a vision for your future as a leader in your passion area or field. 

Requirements for living in the First-Year Business LLC: Be a first-year, full-time, degree-seeking student and be curious about how to prepare or create a future working life.

International Citizens

Ready to see the world through someone else’s eyes? If so, you may be an ideal person to live in the International Citizen LLC. This globally-focused LLC is designed to allow American and international students create a unique community together. This arrangement places two students into each residence hall room: one domestic student and one international student. Beyond the obvious cultural tête-à-tête opportunities, this LLC also features special global awareness, modern languages, and diversity programming and close interaction with the Millikin Center for International Education

Requirements for living in the International Citizen LLC: Submit the Living Learning Community Application for New Students; be a full-time degree seeking student. Applicants should also be aware that they will be living with someone who is different from them and language barriers are a possibility.

Commitment to the Arts

Calling all artists! If you are a student studying in the College of Fine Arts, the Commitment to the Arts LLC is for you. Supported by College of Fine Arts faculty and staff, this LLC encourages creativity, individuality and flexibility in the arts.

Unlike residents of other residence halls or floors, you’ll be encouraged to display your artwork or exercise your talents in a variety of ways (i.e. you can play your instrument on your floor!). Special programming showcases artists in art galleries, graduate programs, theatrical groups, and other venues to connect with the Millikin and Decatur community.

Requirements for living in the Commitment to the Arts LLC: Submit your Housing Application and include your interest in being in an LLC; be a full-time, degree-seeking student; and major or minor in a College of Fine Arts Program or have a serious passion for the arts.

Future Educators

The Future Educators Living Learning Community is a home for students who aspire to serve others through the field of Education. Through its direct connection to the School of Education, the Future Educators LLC aims to provide future educators with a community of learners with which to navigate their person and professional development. Residents enjoy community programming focused on their unique needs as future educators focusing on leadership development, classroom management, professional fit, and connecting with alumni educators.

First Year - Honors

If you are interested in living with other first-year Honors students in an academically-focused environment, this LLC is right up your alley. Residents share common class schedules and have the opportunity to attend seminars and study sessions within the residence hall. Special programming, faculty interaction, and upper-class Honor student mentors will be part of this special experience. The First Year Honors LLC is sure to help you kick into high gear and fulfill your academic goals during your Freshman year at MU!

We can accommodate up to 55 first-year Honors students in this LLC. Don't delay. Apply today! Spaces will be filled in order of quality of the application and the deposit date.

Requirements for living in the First Year Honors LLC: Submit the Living Learning Community Application for New Students; be enrolled in Millikin's Honors Program.

First Year - LV Scholars

First year students accepted into the Long-Vanderburg (LV) Scholars Program will automatically be placed in this active community. The LV Scholars Program recognizes high scholastic achievement among those students who have a demonstrated commitment to diversity, leadership, and community service.


Special Housing Requests

Millikin University is committed to serving the housing needs of students with disabilities. The following is a listing of ADA available housing:

The New Halls offer the following amenities:

  • Roll in showers
  • Accessible ground floor rooms

Dolson Hall offers the following amenities:

  • Roll in showers
  • Extra wide doors
  • Vanities are accessible to wheelchairs
  • Mirrors are at the ADA regulated height
  • Faucets are accessible
  • Door handles are lever type
  • Building has elevators
  • Building has emergency call stations located on the landings of the east stairwells

The Woods at Millikin University offers the following amenities:

  • Roll in showers
  • Tub with seat
  • Front loading washers & dryers
  • Breakfast bar is low for wheelchair accessibility
  • Side-by-side refrigerators
  • Cabinets in bathroom can be taken out for wheelchair accessibility
  • Stove has knobs on front

Information for Diagnosticians

Millikin University does not evaluate individuals or determine functioning levels. The Office of Residence Life reviews documentation to determine if an individual is eligible for special housing accommodations. If eligible based upon the documentation, the Office of Residence Life will be in contact with the individual to determine the appropriate housing. During the review process, the Office of Residence Life may confer with other University offices and departments.

Three-Step Eligibility Process

  1. Does the student have a physical or mental impairment? Documentation must be current and include a mental or physical diagnosis made by a qualified diagnostic.
  2. Does the impairment affect a major life activity? Legal eligibility requires that the physical or mental impairment substantially affect a major life activity. Documentation must clearly state which major life activities are affected by the impairment.
  3. Does the impairment substantially limit the student’s life? Documentation must state what specific activities the student is unable to perform or is significantly restricted (condition, manner, or duration) in performing when compared with an average person in the general population. Documentation must state the nature and severity (mild, moderate, severe) of the impairment, the duration or expected duration of the impairment, and the permanence or expected long-term impact.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities. According to these civil rights laws and corresponding regulations, no otherwise qualified person with a disability shall, solely by reason of his or her disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity of a public entity.

The Office of Residence Life at Millikin University strives to provide a climate of equal opportunity in all of its programs, activities, and services, and as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Fair Housing Act. Residence Life will work to provide accommodations for any qualified resident with a disability. Housing for special needs may be limited due to space availability.

Temporary Medical Conditions

Students with a temporary medical condition that affects their mobility can contact the Office of Residence Life at 217-362-6410 to discuss room reassignment options. Due to limited availability during terms, single accommodations cannot be guaranteed for temporary medical conditions.

Request for Special Housing (Medical)

If a reasonable accommodation in housing is requested based on a disability, the following must be completed:

  1. Documentation of Disability for Special Housing Consideration Form (completed by the medical provider/diagnostician)
  2. Submit a Housing Application by May 1 for the fall term, or December 1 for the spring term
  3. Provide documentation that addresses the specific needs for a reasonable accommodation(s) in housing (this documentation must be submitted within the established timeframe (see #2) to the Office of Residence Life)
  4. Update reasonable housing accommodations on an annual basis within the established time frames designated by the University

Students who have medical documentation demonstrating the need for a special amenity within their residence (ie. single room, kitchen, air conditioning, etc.) will not be charged for such amenities and will be assessed the standard room rate for the facility in which they are residing, so long as they have provided medical documentation demonstrating the need for such amenities and followed the timeframe established for requesting the accommodation.

Print and send these forms by fax or by mail:


Standards may be more stringent than usual clinical practice. Millikin University does not base eligibility on what could/might occur or often occurs with those that have been given this diagnosis. Documentation must include very specific information regarding the individual’s actual current functional limitations/restrictions. The University requests data based on evidence such as: medical evaluations, psychoeducational, neuropsychological, norm based behavioral assessments, and other evaluations/assessments that measure how the impairments interfere with the student’s functioning.

Incomplete Documentation

Missing information delays the eligibility decision and the delay may affect the individual’s ability to secure special housing due to availability.