Housing FAQs

Students walking
  • First-year students are expected to live in the residence halls, which include:

    • Dolson Hall
    • New Hall 4
    • Weck Hall
  • Our upperclass students live in The Woods Apartment Complex, which is a luxury, suite-style living option with amenities such as a pool, fitness area, computer lab, and theater room. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors may also choose to live in University-operated apartments (if available) or approved fraternity or sorority houses. For additional questions about leasing and living at the Woods Apartments, please visit thewoodsatmillikin.com.

  • A Living Learning Community is a residence hall or floor where students of common interest and criteria reside. A list of learning communities is located here: Current Learning Communities.

  • Residence hall contracts are legally binding for the full academic year, including both the fall and spring semesters. Residents who wish to be released from their housing contract prior to its completion must place their request in writing and provide all necessary documentation. Contracts must still be formally terminated because of the following:

    1. Studying Abroad
    2. Moving to off-campus housing
    3. Moving to a fraternity or sorority house
    4. Making the decision to commute
    5. Withdrawing from the university

    All contracts terminated without approval will remain in force, and the student will be financially responsible for the remaining balance on the account.

  • Yes, all residence halls are card swipe accessed, which allows the University to monitor all individuals who enter the residence halls. Halls are locked 24 hours a day. Staff is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Resident Assistants are also on duty 7 p.m.-7 a.m. daily and perform a walk-through of each building twice or more each night to monitor any suspicious occurrences and to assist residents with questions or concerns. Safety is a shared concern, and it is important for students to be aware of their surroundings and never allow any unknown individuals to follow behind them into a hall. It is also important for students to lock their private rooms, especially while sleeping or away.

  • The residence halls remain open during most breaks. Our official closing period occurs over the winter break. Students are not permitted to stay on campus during that time unless approved by the Office of Campus Life. Students enrolled in Immersion or summer classes are required to pay an additional charge to live on campus since these courses occur outside of the academic year.

  • Room Assignment Related Questions

  • Millikin University has very few single rooms available. Certain students with medical documentation and who identify their need for a single room may qualify for a single room.  Please contact the Office of Campus Life for more information.

  • That depends. The residence hall contract you signed when you agreed to your housing assignment stated that you live in a double-occupancy room. Therefore, the University reserves the right to place a new roommate with you at any time. If your roommate has either left the University, moved to another room, or has never shown up at all, you have two options. You will receive a letter from the Office of Campus Life shortly after your roommate has left (or upon the 10th day of classes). This letter will inform you that you have the option of either entering into consolidation or paying for a campus single option. Consolidation means that you are agreeing to have a new roommate placed with you or to move into another double occupancy room in which there is only one occupant. Paying for a campus single option requires you to sign a new contract and pay a higher rate to stay in your same room as a single occupant. Paying the campus single rate ensures that you will have a single room for the remainder of the current semester only.  

  • Yes, you may choose the person with whom you would like to room with if both parties identify each other on their Housing Application. Once housing assignments have been made, students must wait 10 days after the start of the academic semester before requesting a room change.

  • Students must wait for 10 days after the start of the academic semester to make any room changes. This allows the University to accurately account for the students living in the residence halls and gives us the opportunity to make the proper arrangements for any address and phone changes. If you feel that you are living in an environment where you are in physical danger and/or don't feel safe, please contact your Resident Assistant, your Residential Communities Coordinator, or Public Safety. We will be able to provide you with temporary housing until after the waiting period.

  • After the formal waiting period, students may request a room change. Please contact your RA to begin the process. Your RA will assist you with any interpersonal conflict you may be having and encourage you to complete a roommate contract. You may be instructed to attempt to resolve the conflict. It is the philosophy of the Office of Campus Life to assist students in becoming responsible citizens. This includes assisting in difficult situations and encouraging students of different backgrounds and preferences to learn about one another. Requests for moving rooms are not always approved.

  • Yes.  Any four students may negotiate to swap roommates. The four students must make an appointment the Office of Campus Life to complete the proper paperwork. The fine for moving without authorization is $100/student. 

  • As a new student to the University, you will submit a Housing Application, which is due May 1 of each year for your ideal room preferences to take priority. We make all attempts to accommodate each student based on their preferences as indicated on their  application; however, we can never guarantee that a student will get his/her first, second, or even third choice. 

  • Most new students are randomly assigned roommates based upon a few criteria. It is very important that the student completes their own housing application that will assist us in assigning their roommate. Habits such as smoking, sleeping, studying, and housekeeping are the criteria on the housing application that we take into account when matching roommates. Even when these criteria are considered, a new resident may find that their roommate is from another country or speaks another language. The roommate may be of a different race, have a different lifestyle, or practice a different religion. Roommates may differ from each other in any number of ways. Learning to live together successfully is an important part of the educational experience at Millikin. Room changes will not be made based upon difference in race, lifestyle, religion, ability, or creed.

  • Facilities and Room Specific Questions

  • Room furnishings differ from hall to hall, but all residence hall rooms include a desk, chair, extra long twin bed, and dresser or closet with drawers (per student). Please see the room layouts for more information.

  • Room size differs depending on the hall, but most rooms are an average of 180 sq. feet (15x12). Please see the room layouts for more information.

  • Unfortunately, residence hall furniture may not be removed from any room. Students are held responsible for the inventory in their room upon arrival and departure.

  • Students are not permitted to bring large furniture items into the residence halls. Lofts are expressly prohibited. Small items such as storage cubes, beanbag chairs, and rugs are acceptable. If you are unsure of whether or not you will be permitted to bring a certain item to campus, please contact the Office of Campus Life. Unapproved items will be confiscated.

  • Students may not bring stand alone personal microwaves to campus; residents in Dolson Hall and Blackburn Hall have a kitchen students may utilize. Students may choose to bring small refrigerators to campus. Refrigerators must be less than three cubic feet in size and use no more than 1.5 amps while running.

  • Students may not paint their residence hall room. Painting is completed each summer on an as-needed basis.

  • Although services vary by hall, offered services include lounges, kitchen facilities, laundry facilities, vending machines, and study areas.

  • Yes, there is a recycling program on campus sponsored by the Environmental Affairs Council. All of the residence halls have recycling bins in the lobbies of the buildings.

  • Campus Mail Service

    All mail/packages are to be picked up at the Campus Mail Center in Shilling Hall 104A.  An email will be sent to your Millikin University email address when you have a package. You must have your student ID card to pick up packages.

    Mail should be addressed as follows:

    Student Name
    1184 W. Main St.
    Residence Hall Name
    Decatur, IL 62522

    Residence Hall Addresses 

    • Aston Hall 175 N. Oakland Ave.
    • Blackburn Hall 105 N. Oakland Ave.
    • Dolson Hall 210 N. Oakland Ave.
    • New Hall 4 1188 W. Wood St. 
    • Weck Hall 1211 W. Main St.
    • Millikin East Apartments 1371 W. Main St.
    • Millikin West Apartment 1375 W. Main St.

    The following addresses are not delivered to the University Mailroom and should not include Millikin University in the address:

    • The Woods at Millikin: 1135 W. Wood St., Apt #, 62522-2853
    • Alpha Chi Omega: 299 N. Fairview 62522
    • Delta Delta Delta: 111 Park Place 62522
    • Pi Beta Phi: 235 N Fairview 62522
    • Sigma Alpha Epsilon: 1165 W. Main St. 62522
    • Tau Kappa Epsilon: 1225 W. Main St. 62622

    Millikin University Student Mail Policy

    • All mail/packages are picked up at the Campus Mail Center, located in Shilling Hall 104A
    • You must have your student ID to pick up any packages
    • Students will be given their mailbox number and combination via My.Millikin.edu
    • Stamped letters and packages under 16oz. may be mailed from the Campus Mail Center.
    • Packages over 16oz. must be mailed from the local Post Office.
    • Faxes may be sent from the Campus Mail Center for a charge per page to 217-424-3993; Attention: (Your name)