Payment Options


The billing cycle for the fall semester begins in July and the billing cycle for the spring semester begins in January. As a courtesy, paper bills will be mailed to the student's permanent address in July and January. Monthly bills will be issued electronically for any remaining balance or further activity on the student account. E-mail alerts of the monthly bill are sent to the student and to any "authorized user" on the student account. Student can designate "authorized users" (parent, other relatives). See steps below.

To Access Online E-Bills

Parents -  who are Authorized Users can see the online billing statements on the MU Account Suite. Sign in with your E-mail and Password. To view the eBills click on eBills at the top of the page. You can select the date of the statement you would like to view.
Students -  can sign into "myMILLIKIN", Tools, Pay Bills. You will see across the top of the page eBills. You can select date of the statement you would like to view.

Financial Aid Assistance:

Types of aid, Affecting your aid, Financial Aid Forms: Financial Aid

Loan Options:

Need help paying your bill? Visit our Loan Program Page


You can make debit and credit card payments online only.  For all credit and debit card payments, there will be a 2.75% convenience fee assessed to each transaction. In person payments will be cash or check only. 

Ways to Pay:

1. Pay total amount owed by the due dates, which are the end of July (Fall Semester) and the end of January (Spring semester)
2. Pay in four monthly installments (Millikin's flexible payment plan).

Schedule Monthly Installment Plans:

  1. Log into myMillikin
  2. Choose “Tools” icon (right hand side of the page)
  3. Choose “Pay Bills”
  4. Select the “Yes” box for the Flexible Payment Plan and hit submit
  5. A minimum of $100.00 is due each month on this plan.  The full balance must be paid by October 31st for Fall Semester and April 30 for Spring Semester.
  6. A one-time $50 processing fee will be assessed to your student account for each term of enrollment.
  7. If no payment is received or your payment is late, the student account will be assessed a 1.75% late fee.

Online Payments - Students Only (Authorized users see below)

  1. Click on “Tools” (right hand side of the page)
  2. Click on “Pay Bills”
  3. Log in to myMILLIKIN
  4. Select the Payments” tab at the top
  5. Choose “Make a Payment
  6. You can pay the current account balance OR you can enter the amount you would like to pay in the box
  7. If you are using a Debit or Credit Card, there will be a 2.75% convenience fee added to each transaction

Online Payments - Authorized Users Only:

  1. Authorized user making a payment
  2. You will sign in with your email and your password
  3. Across the top of the page; My account, payment, E-Bills, E-Deposits
  4. To see your son or daughter’s electronic billing statement – click on E-Bill
  5. To make an online payment with a debit or credit card, click on payments.
  6. You can pay the current account balance OR you can enter the amount of your payment in the box.
  7. Beginning July 1, 2016 there will be a 2.75% convenience fee added for all debit and credit card transactions.

How to set up an authorized user:

  1. Log into myMillikin
  2. Over at the right hand side of the page, click on “Tools”
  3. Click on the green “Pay Bills $” icon
  4. Under Millikin University, you will see: Home, eBills, Payments, Deposits, Authorized Users, and My Profiles
  5. Click on “Authorized Users”
  6. You can set up anyone you would like to be an authorized user on your Millikin Account


• Online Payments:  Your payment can be made with electronic check, debit card, or credit card (VISA, Master Card, Discover). Beginning July 1, 2016 there will be a 2.75% convenience fee added to each transaction. Are you an authorized user? If yes, Click here to log in.  
•  Mail – check payment may be sent to the address on the billing statement. Please include payment stub and allow sufficient mail time to ensure timely processing. 
•  In Person – Beginning January 2, 2014 payments of cash or check only - in Student Financial Services. Credit or Debit card payments can be made online, however, debit or credit cards will be assessed a convenience fee of 2.75% for each transaction.

Please note: If you fail to pay your balance in full, you will automatically be enrolled in Millikin's Flexible Payment Plan. All rules and conditions of the Plan apply.


529 Plans -College Illinois

When attending a private institution, the student must complete an "Intent to Enroll Form".  This form can be found on the College Illinois Website.  Completion of this form places the student's name on Millikin's roster for College Illinois.  Millikin will use the roster from College Illinois to submit tuition and mandatory fees, less tuition restricted scholarships and grants for payment.  If you have questions on what will pay based on the figure submitted for payment, please contact College Illinois.

Contact Us

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Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm
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